First Impression: KathleenLights x Colourpop Collab | Point Zero Ultra Satin Lip & Mr. Bing Liner

First Impression: KathleenLights x Colourpop Collab | Point Zero Ultra Satin Lip & Mr. Bing Liner

I love Colourpop & I love KathleenLights, so this collab was right up my alley.  Read more to see my first impressions on her Point Zero Ultra Satin Lip & Mr. Bing Liner!

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When it comes to Colourpop collabs, KathleenLights is basically the queen.  She’s had two eyeshadow collections with them, various Lippie Pencils, Lippie Stix, Ultra Matte Lips, and her newest collection includes three Ultra Satin Lips and eyeliner.

Me @ Colourpop

Weenie is one of my favorite eyeshadows of all time (it’s so effortless to wear!), and I also own both Lumiere and Lumiere 2.  Given my obsession with Cozy, one of Colourpop’s Ultra Satin Lips (as seen in my Top 3 Summer Lipsticks post & often featured on my Instagram – shameless plug!), I thought I’d give one of Kathleen’s new Ultra Satins a try.  I was also in need of a new eyeliner, so I figured I’d grab one of them as well.

Price: $5 (liner) / $6 (ultra satin lip)
Description: A rich warm brown in a matte finish. (liner) // A cool toned grey brown. (ultra satin lip)


Enter Mr. Bing Liner and Point Zero.  Before deciding what to pick up, I watched her video announcing the launch of this collab where she swatches everything and then went from there.

4a 4b

Mr. Bing is a warm-toned brown and is named after Chandler from Friends.  Although I love the color and liked the pigmentation on this, I felt that it was a little bit on the drier side.  I’m not sure if I got a dud or this dried up or something (I own three other of their eyeliner pencils and they’re all super creamy), but I wouldn’t say that this is impossible to work with.

For the Ultra Satin Lips, although I loved her other two, I felt like I already owned shades that were either the same or very similar, so I wanted to branch out a little bit. Point Zero is completely different from anything I own and it’s not really in my comfort zone when it comes to lip colors – I’ll wear bright oranges and reds and warm brown lipstick (even blue sometimes), but for some reason, when it comes to cooler tones, I tend to shy away.

3a 3b

Named after Point Zero in Paris, this Ultra Satin Lip is a gray-toned brown.  I think I must have had some really bad lighting or something because when I took a picture of it on without flash, it pulled almost green! I liked it a lot better with flash on, but it definitely looks a lot warmer than I expected.  I’m still on the fence about this one – the formula is super creamy and applies evenly with good pigmentation, but I’m not sure if this color is for me.

Random post-derailing here: when I first took the wand out of the tube, I was surprised by how small and fluffy it looked.  I recently picked up Frick N’ Frack, which is another Ultra Satin Lip, and compared the two to make sure I wasn’t completely crazy.  At least not about this.


Although the difference is slight, Point Zero is definitely a tad bit smaller.  I don’t think this made too much of a difference in terms of application other than it feeling a bit strange because I was still wondering if I was crazy.  Again, the answer is yes, I am, but I’m not crazy about this being smaller.

Then, to add to this being super off topic,  I realized that both of them look really fluffy and I couldn’t recall any of my other ones being fluffy…


I decided to pull out Cozy and compare – Cozy has the same applicator as their Ultra Mattes and the other Ultra Satins I own, whereas Frick N’ Frack and Point Zero have the fluffy applicators that I keep talking about.  New drinking game: take a shot every time you read the word “fluffy” in this post that now has gone beyond the First Impression I had originally planned.  Actually, please don’t. Don’t drink alcohol.  It’s bad for you.


Anyway, I heard that the newer Ultra Satins have been reformulated, but don’t take my word for it.  In comparison, Cozy seems a little more liquidy, while Frick N’ Frack and Point Zero seem more mousse-y.  I wouldn’t say that one type of applicator is better than the other because I think that they work well for their respective formulas.  Still, I feel like I’m rubbing some kind of hamster on my lips when I use the fluffier (still counts) applicators because I’m weird and I still don’t know where this post is going.

Overall First Impression: I know it took forever to get here.  I’m sorry.


My overall first impression is that I feel kind of torn on these.  I love the color of Mr. Bing, but I’m not sure about the formula (again, could just be a dud), while I love the formula of Point Zero, but I’m not sure about the color.

TLDR; this post is kind of a mess, but we made it.

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