Get More Likes With Branding Strategies On Instagram

About a week ago I saw a piece of infographics describing the levels social media influence the internet society and so the whole world.

It stood for Facebook then Twitter and finally Instagram - guess which of these three is the winner?

Such a so powerful media that we tend to consider an overwhelming giant today is overtaken by a short messages micro-blogging service and the greatest Internet's window-shop that seems to win all the prizes by punishing the unwieldy blue-white Goliath.

Ask yourself, what makes Instagram grow with an explosive speed reaching 400+ millions in 2018 while thinking over the average number of 75 million posted daily!

Today it is an extraordinary risk to ignore the front-running Instagram and the advantages it gives while almost everyone's attention is focused to it.

Why Representing Your Business On Instagram?

Instagram easily wins hearts of people of different ages with its quite simple interface and the way the content is managed and delivered.

This simplicity strives to get absolutely trite turning with photos and short movies but it looks like the more any system get trivialized, the more likely it would be used by billions.

Thus Instagram opens the door to the world's widest society, intelligently targeted mass market and the greatest marketing and advertising channel for any business, brand or individuals offering their services ever.

Researches and statistics show that business represented on Instagram actually scores up to 50% more engagement than if doing it on any other social media.

Branding Strategies To Follow


Create your own style

The best way to understand the latest trends on Instagram is to watch what top bloggers do.

I bet you have already seen their blogs with beautiful photos following the same color scheme during a period.

One of the best ways to underscore the visual style your blog and stand out from millions is apply the latest filters to your photos and videos.

You can also create a sequence of publications turning your page to a mosaic. Such accounts look especially interesting to follow to the most of Instagram's audience.

Posts with the infinite-scrolling effect done with multiple photos collect much more attention than regular ones.

Any extraordinary or interactive forms as well as carefully chosen filters create a huge impact on your engagement because of Instagram's usual simplicity. Looking for how to get more likes for your brand or product? Go with you own style.

Master The Hashtags

What is really important on Instagram is to put the right hashtags on your publications to let your photos be discovered by visitors looking for a specific content.

Hashtags is a navigation with niche's leaders and outsiders - colorful snap, enhanced with services like Friendlylikes can easily achieve the exact hashtag's recommended section.

You should really have a deeper insight into how it works and use it on your publications to reach new visitors and communities thus to get more likes on your media.

Posting With A Timer

The most important part of any strategy on Instagram is to figure out the best time to make posts. So many words are already written about the importance of considering the activity of target audience when figuring out the timing for uploading publications.

The greatest approach here would be to follow the time zones of your Instagram followers and visitors for you not to post in the quiet hours and to experiment to have the complete picture of statistics highlighting the best time of the day and the best days of the week.

So, give yourself a little time to research and use the values obtained as a timer for posting. It will not take long to see the results – organize your timing to receiver more likes!

Guerilla Actions On Your Competitors

Do not hesitate to perform guerilla attacks on your competitors' audience. Find out the niche's leaders and their Instagram accounts and start interacting with followers to draw their attention to your page.

There is no rocket science here - just start conversations, participate in discussions, comment their photos then follow them and don't be greedy when putting likes on photos, so you can sufficiently increase your number of organic Instagram followers together with the weight of likes on your posts.

I would call this beginner's total win strategy "Watch and repeat" - just mimic to the leaders and use the resources they already have to promote the brand. Being social to your Insta-audience today just equals winning hearts and receiving more likes.

The online world is growing and changing every day, the only things valued anytime with no regard to these changes is creating bright original content and being social with the audience and it's not about only social media.

With Instagram used the right way, your business or products can get the most of advantages of today's greatest visual promotion and advertising conduit.

Raising the sales or increasing the online presence, putting your company's best foot forward or finding new markets – Instagram offers your business a chance to make a positive change with just likes – a common measuring unit, previously supposed to be underestimated. It's time for you to take it!

Published by Calida Jenkins


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