Girl Meets World returned with the ending arc of Maya finding herself. I have to say that the storyline in itself is pretty ridiculous. It came out of nowhere from the writers, but it's almost like they had to explain the reason why Maya's clothes changed. That being said, I did like the episode mainly because it focused on Riley and Maya's friendship by the end, and it brought up interesting elements that I didn't expect.

The episode spends the first ten minutes with Riley hoping Maya would pull a small stunt rather than exploding like the volcano Cory brought up. We also get that funny scene where Lucas and Farkle are being absurd, while Rowan almost seems to break character as Riley. The show gets serious again when Maya says she doesn't fit in with the gang, which seemed a bit sudden, but I guess it fits in with the theme of Maya feeling lost. 

I liked the little moments with Lucas, Farkle and Maya's mom because they were nice as background characters with Riley being Maya's main support.

The episode then shifts to Maya's perspective more when we see her at a park with spray paint, a brick and a statue that resembles the core four of Riley, Lucas, Maya and Farkle. Maya's two old friends make an appearance and I've got to say I really enjoyed Maya getting a little aggressive because we've always known Maya's got that side of her. The important part of her rebellious side is that she isn't being reckless without a cause. Her friends struck that statue for no real reason, whereas Maya's vandalism had a real purpose. At least that's what I took away from that whole thing.

Surprisingly, the episode takes an interesting and timely turn when the police officer catches Maya, and lets her go. His "We're not all bad line," is something that is beyond Disney, which is why I've always enjoyed Girl Meets World in general. This scene is also where Riley says my favorite line: I'm a hoodlum.

Of course, we get very VERY Disney with the ending scene where the four friends mirror the statue. That was a little cheesy for me, especially because we were supposed to assume they represented the friends. 

The Auggie storyline was so small that there really wasn't much to say about it other than Doy makes a nice little return. Overall, the Maya plot was something odd and I could never get my head around the idea. And I think this episode took an interesting turn and it thankfully focused mainly on Maya. I'm giving this episode a B because I didn't like the plot, but I did like the character moments and appreciated the mini themes throughout. Ski Lodge is next week, which is a highly anticipated episode, so I'm excited to see things unfold.

Published by Kavita Singh