Girl Meets Ski Lodge concluded and I have a lot of thoughts. The triangle has also finally concluded, and I've got thoughts on almost every scene so let's begin. 

Before I get my own sort of bias into the recap, let me say this. The episode had a great tone overall. Something that I like more about Girl Meets World right now is that they're covering serious topics with feelings bleeding all over the place, but the tone remains light-hearted throughout.

Now, let's break down the episode. So Evan and Riley talk all night, and Lucas is not happy about this. Lucas is at his best when he's overreacting. But you know what? Riley and Evan were pretty cute together. Good casting choice. I ended up liking him even if it was for two episodes. Farkle, Smackle, Zay and the class come downstairs, and surprisingly, Cory and Topanga pop out to ask Riley if it's a big deal. Zay asks who Evan is similarly to how Lucas did, and I actually love Zay's humor throughout the episode.

Maya and Lucas sit down and talk, and this is where I really noticed the ski lodge set. The camera work was another great aspect to the episode and the set was used well. Anyway, Maya and Lucas sit down and he questions why she poured the smoothie on his head. Riley and Josh talk to each other about the triangle, and somehow Josh comes to the conclusion that Maya doesn't even like Lucas. So Riley and Maya have a quick heart to heart, while Josh, Evan and Lucas decide to play the "Who belongs with who?" game only to have Cory warn them. Along with Zay, Cory had great humor too. Smackle and Farkle even have a cute moment when they answer the question that Evan made up. Evan is great as a driving force for the triangle to end.

So then Maya has enough of the games so she grabs Josh and basically, let's get to the point. Maya realizes that she doesn't like Lucas because she was trying to protect Riley. And then she realizes that it's Josh that she likes. Now, this is where I have a huge issue. So, how the heck was Josh the key player in solving their problems when he wasn't even on the show for the entirety of the triangle? Also, Maya and Lucas have always had a very love-hate relationship since season 1, so I'm supposed to believe that this was her protecting Riley all along? To me, it doesn't make sense. 

The scene itself plays out all right between Maya and Josh because as much as it didn't make sense, they were pretty cute together. But to me, it's still Maya having a huge crush on an older guy. 

Next, Lucas and Maya have their moment to become just friends again, and I actually really liked how mature this was compared to their previous scenes. I liked that Maya established that Lucas could never hurt her, which was sweet. Then we get the Riley and Lucas scene where they finally get together, and based on how sentimental the scene was, I'm convinced that this is the direction the writers want to go in. Finally, we end on Riley and Maya establishing that they're each other's  exceptional relationship. It was a great scene, with the exception of Riley calling Josh Maya's first boyfriend. Umm, no he's not.

Okay, so that was a lot for an episode. It was fast-paced. I liked the supporting characters. I even liked Evan instigating some of the relationships and his mother being Lauren revealed. The scenes with the characters were also done well even if what they were saying didn't make total sense. I guess my biggest issue is with the plot itself. I'm not just saying that because I ship Riarkle and Lucaya. It just doesn't make sense that Maya protected Riley all of this time with the triangle. I'm conflicted because I did enjoy the episode overall. But I didn't love the outcome. I'm gonna be a little biased and give the episode a B. If the plot made more sense, I'd give it a much higher grade. 

Anyway, we're not getting another episode until August 12th. If you want me to do a post solely on the ships, I'd be more than happy to. Just let me know in the comments or message me. And please check out my blog for GMW fashion from the episode:

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