Girl Meets World Review: Shawn and Maya Find Themselves

Girl Meets World Review: Shawn and Maya Find Themselves

After Girl Meets Triangle, I wasn't sure where the writers were going with Maya's storyline. I did ,however, thoroughly enjoyed Girl Meets Upstate. I really liked the return of their subway scenes and liked the new addition of Shawn's place. As far as the storyline, there were a lot of nice throwbacks followed by a solid return of Shawn Hunter.

The return of Shawn in general was great. His safe lifestyle is humorously addressed with some butter cookies and his squirrel friend. Maya and Riley giving Shawn the bag of clothes he bought for her was a nice throwback to Girl Meets Hurricane. Additionally, Shawn and Maya mirroring each other's identity crisis was another bit that I liked about the episode. Their little leather jacket moment and "I'd like to sell all my clothes," really shows how similar they are. The idea that the clothes can't change a person was another nice moment because we weren't just instantly brought back to Shawn and Maya finding themselves. Shawn had great chemistry with the cast in this episode. The scenes with Shawn, Maya and Riley felt very natural.

Once Cory was thrown into the mix, it made for a pretty funny sequence. I especially liked Riley's "except for mom," line, and Cory's sassy"I would never wear that," line. We also got the epic handshake between Cory and Shawn.

Riley and Maya return to the school, and their little paint fight was super cheesy. Also, why couldn't we get a glimpse of what Maya was painting when she returned to her old self? I was waiting to see that moment. Their art teacher also made the storyline feel a little more complete when he walked in. In hindsight, it's pretty ridiculous that they don't get into trouble for this stunt, but I guess that's Disney for you.

I loved the bay window scene because Farkle and Zay were funny in the limited screen time they got. Zay was hilarious when he admitted he liked Riley and Maya. He's really warmed up to me in Season 3 as a part of their main group. Seeing the group together was sweet in the bay window scene, and I finally buy them as legitimate friends.

We see Lucas make his decision only to have Maya tell him he chose Riley. Was it just me, or did Lucas look really disappointed when she said that? Meanwhile, Riley is ecstatic. I'm personally a hopeless Riarkle fan and a Lucaya fan, so I'm intrigued to see where the storyline goes. The triangle does need to be resolved though, as their dynamic has been extremely weird to watch lately. Hopefully, we get some resolution in Ski Lodge.

Finally, we the engagement between Shawn and Katy. It was incredibly rushed since we haven't seen Shawn and Katy in a while, but I actually liked the scene more than I thought I would. The scene was really well-done as the camera pans to a crying Maya, a cute little peek from Farkle, Lucas and Zay and Topanga and Cory smiling ear to ear.

Overall, I'm giving this episode an A- because it was a pretty solid episode for Maya's arc. If it were a standalone episode, I'd give it a lower grade, but we're getting more from her in True Maya, so that'll hopefully wrap things up nicely. Stand tuned for my next review! Also, check out my blog for Girl Meets World fashion at


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