Goals - How and When did I get so disorganized?

Goals - How and When did I get so disorganized?

2017 is a new year and I’ve vowed to write more than in past years. As motivation my daughter bought me a book that contains 642 writing prompts. Yes, I know that the internet contains free writing prompts, challenges, and inspirations galore, but there is something tangible about having a kick-starter staring me in the face, literally, everyday. Something reminding me to stop procrastinating, sit down, and pick one of the numerous colored tabs that I’ve already pre-selected as a brilliant writing prompt. Something that the internet challenges couldn’t offer, tangible guilt, family guilt, and pre-selected guilt. So thank you to my brilliant daughter who also happens to be an artistic procrastinator (she is so doomed). I love you honey.


My first goal for 2017 is better organization.


How and when did I get so disorganized?


Let me see if I can pinpoint when things got out of hand: I work fulltime. My desk is neat and orderly. I work within deadlines and use highlighters/colored pens to rank, classify, or organize as needed. Chaos within my workspace is practically unheard of. Actually it drives me crazy. So it isn’t at work that I suffer disorganization, let me look at my family.

I have two children who are in their late teenage years, but when they were little their toys were also little. Actually everything seemed to be micro-sized. Micro-mini shoes, micro-mini purses, micro-mini dresses. I had organizers for every accessory they owned. A labeled bin for all their teeny, tiny toys. An obsession that probably drove them nuts when it came to clean up time, but a lifesaver when they thought they lost something and could easily find it. So the micro-mini fashion world never became a world of chaos so now I ask myself when I get home every night, how is my own personal life so disorganized?

Wait...I think it’s coming to me...that’s right the combination of a fulltime job AND children caused my own life to end up in chaos.


Whew, here I thought I was just in a twilight zone episode entitled ‘Continual Clutter’.

twilight zone.jpg

Life happened and my own creative work space went unchecked as I continually said to myself, “I’ll get to that later.” The piles continued to grow until I no longer recognized it, walked past and eventually closed the door hating to look at the mess. It’s only been in the past six months that I’ve really forced myself to pull out my personal life, with my youngest finally committing to a college in the fall. I’ve pulled stuff out and dusted off the disorganization and started to figure out where I want to pick back up.


Hence this goal for 2017 is a big first step on the road back to finding me.


If you happen to find yourself in a spot like I am, I found a great planner to help keep me on task www.letsgababoutbooks.com That along with the book my daughter gave me that contains 642 writing prompts https://www.amazon.com/642-Things-Write-About-Me/dp/1452147302 should be excellent ways to keep me focused. I know writing everyday helps develop your skill as a writer and writing what you know is always a great place to start. Enjoy reading some quirky reads as I share stories, insights, and just some goofy facts that make up me as I share things during my writing prompts. There will still be plenty of book reviews, cover reveals, and book talk since I love, love, love staying involved with the reading and author community.

I’m looking forward to great 2017 year so buckle up and enjoy the ride. As always keep reading, keep writing, and good fortune.

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