Hello Third Trimester

Hello Third Trimester

Here it is, the Third Trimester – another great milestone in the journey that is pregnancy. 6 months down 3 to go! 
It’s absolutely crazy how quickly it’s going. Feels like only yesterday I got that positive and felt a rush of excitement and anxiety all rolled into one. It’s been a roller coaster so far that’s for sure – emotions, hormones, milestones, and having my body change day by day – which occasionally feels like the hardest bit to deal with. Sometimes I love it sometimes I hate it. But then I stop and think, I’m actually growing a tiny human in there… A fully functioning, breathing, living thing. Half me and half Joe, we’ve created a whole new person. We don’t know if you’re a boy or a girl, have my brown eyes or Joes blue eyes, what colour your hair will be, will you even have hair?!


Just as a side note… As much as I’m aware my body is doing this incredible thing, I’m not ashamed to admit I’m trying my hardest to cling on to the ‘old me’. There’s a lot of bashing done online (on baby and parent groups to be specific) against ladies who seek advice on how to avoid stretch marks, sagging boobs and other common consequences that come along with pregnancy – heaven forbid a woman still wants to look and feel like a woman as well as being a mother. It doesn’t make you vain, or ungrateful for what your body is doing, it doesn’t mean you love that baby any less, it just means you want to hold on to the body you had pre-pregnancy if you can, and what’s wrong with that? Ladies being told that if you don’t see your stretch marks as tiger stripes you’ve earned and wear them with pride, your not worthy of carrying that baby… Well I for one am not buying into the whole ‘tiger stripes’ crap and will continue to try my hardest to prevent stretch marks for the rest of my pregnancy. So far so good and I’m feeling great! (FYI palmers cocoa butter body lotion morning and night). 

I’m not sure what the next big milestone is… Is there a ‘next’? Or is baby arriving the next big thing now?! Pretty scary stuff if that’s the case! There’s a few exciting little things coming up in the next few weeks so keep your eyes peeled. 

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