In the Time and Day of the Internet, many a person has long already found that even though with ALL the Technology, no matter Who you are – if there’s not That break or Someone out there to help you;

getting on the Right track then you’re slightly sc… (you get the idea?)


So much change and disappear that you cannot even Remember when last you used something that really worked.

As we grow older as well, You tend to find out that If you’re lucky enough as I recently found – Retrenchment isn't something you’d really like to Endure.


My luck for the Moment is that I've got a Very Small Nest-egg going.

But I suspect everything boils down to this – as much as things change;

If you Don’t do the basics of what our Modern day in age is all about…

Then you’d be lost along the way.


Now you’d ask,

What is the Basics that I’m talking about…

Well that’s truly easy –

What is it that You Love doing?


Nothing in life is easy and Nothing will ever be easy to Reach or Accomplish – Remember I said that No Easy…

I didn't say it’s IMPOSSIBLE.


If you believe that then this Simple little Basic Rule to follow would be your end (Dramatic I Know!).

Unfortunately for you, It’s the Truth. If you leave the Hard, Painful, Struggling, Tiresome (can I stop now?) Journey to reach your Heart’s desire…

Then Someone else who’s got the Courage to Reach the Finish line would Properly get there


They’d be taking YOUR place where you should have Stood and What You should have reached!


No matter how much Technology changes and HOW fast life goes by…

If you can stand Steady, Aiming for that Heart’s Desire and You have the Courage and Willpower to go the Full Distance you Might just be one of the Lucky ones to reach your Goal.


Yes, I did say Might – for there are No Guarantees that after all of this that you’d Reach where Your trying to get to.

The ONLY consolation is this,

IF you Don’t at least Try, then You’d NEVER EVER Know for sure!

That’s Hard I know, but then Who Said Life Is Easy?

Living is Worth it, No matter what!

Good Luck To You All!

Published by Cobus Vermeulen