Here's to Being a Peopleist

Here's to Being a Peopleist

What's a peopleist you may ask? Well it's a word I made up for those of us who think people should be treated with respect and dignity no matter their gender, race, or whatever. There's been a lot written about equality lately and how it is lacking in our society these days.

It's always been lacking...

...and will be until we figure out that we need to respect everyone, including and especially ourselves.

There is always going to one group or another who have the power and exploit those who they think are weak. I'm not going to go into specifics here because that's where I think the train gets derailed. I for one could never be a feminist because I don't think of myself as a woman first. I am an educated adult with thoughts and feelings just like everyone else. Does that make me better than anyone else? Hell, no. If anything my education and success makes me responsible.

  • Responsible to lend a helping hand to those who truly want to be helped.
  • Responsible to spread everything I've learned so that others may benefit.
  • Responsible to treat people better than most of them treat me.

If everyone respected themselves and others there wouldn't be a question of equality. If everyone figured out that being different wasn't a cause to be afraid we wouldn't have intolerance and hate. If everyone figured out that they aren't competing with others and success isn't limited to a chosen few we wouldn't have people blaming others for their lack.

Of course it's always easier to blame others for our circumstances. And when that doesn't work blame God. It's always someone else's fault. My parents didn't raise me right. My husband didn't treat me right. My friends betrayed me.

Well, here's a news flash and I say this with the utmost kindness and respect and I include myself in this since I am a person.

People suck.

We all do and say things that we wished we didn't - I cringe every time I think about some of the things I've said to my mother-in-law over the years. We all have hard, sharp pointy parts to our personalities that hurt other people when they interact with us. And when we're dealing with shit and stress those hard, sharp pointy parts get worse. When we encounter someone like this our first inclination is to retaliate, to defend, to make that person hurt worse than they made us hurt - not understanding that the odds are pretty good that we've unintentionally hurt someone else just as much if not worse earlier in the day, week, and/or month.

Notice the unintentional part...

I for one want, dare I say need, to stop hurting people unintentionally or otherwise. I am no better - or worse - than anyone else. So even though I may not "get" another person I can still respect them has a human being at the very least and let them be them no matter their gender, race, or whatever.

Therefore I am a peopleist.

Do you want to be a peopleist too?

Published by Cathy Langer


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