House-Elves by Jody Revenson/Twelfth Night by Timothy Knapman (Reviews)

Once again it time for a double review. This double review is of two completely different books. Whilst I loved both of these books, there just really wasn't enough to warrant separate reviews.

House-Elves: A Behind The Scenes Look At The House-Elves Of The Harry Potter Films written by Jody Revenson and published by Incredibuilds.

This is my third Incredibuilds purchase and my new favourite. House-Elves, like all Incredibuilds came with a build your own model. This particular model was of course Dobby.

Building Dobby completely made my day. The Incredibuilds models are easy to build. With pieces that just slide together and easy to follow instructions, they are really great fun.

The book was filled with awesome information and great images, showing how Dobby and the other House-Elves were brought to life in the Harry Potter films. Getting to see the work that went into the House-Elves was amazing. The images were perfect and the information was really interesting.

I am now recommending Incredibuilds; especially the Harry Potter ones to everyone I know. So if you haven't yet, jump on board the Incredibuilds band wagon.

Tales From Shakespeare: Twelfth Night by Timothy Knapman with illustrations by Yaniv Shimony.

This illustrated book is a modern English re telling of Twelfth Night. It was a fast and thoroughly enjoyable read. The illustrations complemented the writing perfectly.

Another great addition to this book was the inclusion of important and sentimental quotes from the original Shakespearian version.

I really enjoyed this book, Timothy Knapman has done a marvellous job keeping true to the story while updating its writing.

This book would be a great edition to help get young people interested in Shakespeare.

A definite keeper.

Published by Geramie Kate Barker


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