Nowadays, many of us are scared of what people will think about us and about being accepted in our society or not. That’s probably why it seems so hard to accept ourselves.

 Here are some advices I have to you so you can learn how to love yourself for what and who you are:

Be kind to yourself: It’s good to compliment yourself and to remember that you are a nice human being. Criticizing yourself all the time will definitely not help.
Pay attention to what you say to yourself. You should ask yourself if you would actually say that thing to someone else like your family and friends. If you wouldn’t, it means that you are being rude to yourself.

Making mistakes and failing doesn’t mean you are a loser. It is normal to fail. In fact, mistakes make you who you are and they aloud you to learn as well as to be the person who you are today. Never be afraid of failing; humans were born to be true, not perfect.

 Even if you fail, you should always be there to yourself. You should be the first one to encourage yourself. Never say those words: ‘’ I am a failure ‘’.  


If you aren’t happy about something you do, imagine yourself as a better person and give yourself some advices to be who you are but in an improved version.

 Be the best you CAN be and be happy and proud of it. Don’t make yourself feel horrible about your own person and don’t try to be someone else. However you can get some inspiration from others.

Think about your friends; do you like them for what the look like or for who they are? Well, I am sure you love them because they are great, nice, kind, lovely people and so are you.

We all have our imperfections so you shouldn’t be shy about it. Accept your body the way it is and be happy about it. You should be thankful for who and what you are. Remember that your body allows you to live each day of your life.


 You will see, once you accept yourself, your whole self, you will feel much better about who you are!




Published by Layelle Ramos