How To Create Etsy & Facebook Banners Using Fotor for Free

How To Create Etsy & Facebook Banners Using Fotor for Free

May 29, 2019, 3:12:47 PM Creative

If you have an online business, you understand how leveraging on social media platforms is rewarding. Most marketers today understand this trend, and are conclusively utilizing it to push their brands. Therefore, you need to be creative enough to go a notch further in beating them in their game. While there are many things you can do, creating your Etsy and Facebook banner seems to be the best idea to start with.

Social media platforms have space for banners which is located on top of a page. This is usually the first thing that visitors see whenever they land on your profile. It is right to liken a social media bunner with a business card.  A banner informs your visitors and customers alike what your brand is all about.

Having seen how much a burner is beneficial to your online business, there is need to have a quality one. You can invest on high quality software or better still hire a qualified graphic designer to make a high quality banner for your company. In the same breath, these days, you can decide to go economical by using high-end, but user-friendly software such as Fotor to create your Etsy and Facebook banner for your business, for free.  

Fotor is an easy to use banner maker and program for editing photos. It is loved by many since it is easy to use unlike most photo editors that are hard to use, the likes of Photoshop. Nonetheless, it is not a replacement for Photoshop.  Fotor is adored with great features such as small filters and photo effect tools, RAW file converter, and photo collage tool.

In case you have this program; this is what you need to do.


  1. Open Fotor Design then choose the Etsy cover photo template. You can as well choose the Etsy Shop Icon template.

  2. You will see a preset template, and here is where you need to drag and drop your photo and design it from scratch.

  3. Now modify and design your photo while managing your overlays in order to maximize the visual impact of your cover.

  4. When you are done, there is an option for previewing the cover to see how it will be displayed on Etsy. If you are comfortable with its looks, you can go on and save it.

  5. Save the photo depending on the size and format of your choice.


Creating a Facebook banner is a similar process as creating an Etsy banner, only that in step one, you will open Fotor Design feature and then choose Facebook cover template and not Etsy. The rest of the process is similar.

If you want to do more advance editing, you can take advantage of Fotor features such as background remover which will provide you with not only a simple but also a straight forward way to get rid of backgrounds that you don’t want to appear on your cover.


You don’t have to go for high-end software that will break your bank without assuring of great quality Etsy and Facebook banners. This software is readily available and will enable you to edit your covers like a pro.


Published by Zubair Hassan

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