Everybody feels down sometimes. One day, two days, a week, a month, maybe even a year! But never a whole lifetime. Getting fired from your job. The loss of a person you love. A disease. A break up. So what you do about it? Sitting around desperatly, looking apathically out of the window, crying, harming yourself with alcohol, eating ice cream, screaming into your pillow? Everyone of us has abandoned hope at least once in our life. Everyone of us has had the feeling to never get normal or happy again. Put an end to it.


1. Start slowly

Take something you are good at. Sports, drawing, cooking. Do it at least 2 times a week. If you don't want to: Force yourself! It will get positive vibes and emotions into your day again and distract you from your situation. Afterwards you will be satisfied with your progress and feel better for sure!

2. Spend time with friends

Get your phone, go onto your best friend's name, call him. Enjoy the time together. Talk to him/her about your worries and problems. Laugh together. Personally I have had my best friend for about 6 years now. We don't meet often due to a long distance, but everytime we do, we talk about literally everything. Especially about the past and funny situations we experienced. It pushes me, because I see that the relationship between him and me never changes and everything always stays the same. If you feel more comfortable in a group of friends, no problem. Get them together for a drink or dinner.


3. Go out

Put a nice outfit on and go out with friends. After having dinner, get a few drinks at a bar. Try something new. New locations = new people! Get to know somebody, talk to them, have fun! Get inspired by new perspectives! And get back your HOPE! Ignite the fire deep inside of you again, which tells you not to stop. Get back the drive, which makes you beliefe in yourself, no matter what of a bad shit you have gone through.
If you those tricks won't work out for you, than feel free to contact us.

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