After reading many motivational books on living the best life that you can, I have finally found an effective way to find your purpose in life. I've always been that type of person who flows in many different directions, therefore trying to find one direction was always a challenge for me. In one of the books which I read, I found a way to determine your purpose. However, it is important to note that this direction which you discover doesn't have to be for the rest of your life! This purpose could at least give you direction for a few years. 

The first thing you should do is write 10 things that make you happy. 
Think about times in your life where you felt happiness spreading within you and it had a positive effect on your surroundings. 
Next, you should answer a few of these questions:
  1. Why do you enjoy doing these actions?
  2. How do these actions add value to your life?
  3. Which of these actions/things do you need more of in your life? 
After you have answered these questions, you will get a good idea of what you need more of in your life.
The next step you need to take after this is to come up with a defining statement. This is a statement, one or two lines not more than 30 words. This statement should determine the goal of your life. If you're having some trouble with this step, don't worry! You can continue improving it as you go on. 
My statement is: my goal is to become the best version of myself and to empower others. 
You should write this statement in a place where you can read it often, read it at least once a day. Think about this statement when you do things in your life and make decisions. It will give you direction. 

Now, you can plan and act according to your mission statement! This will allow you to focus on what is important. An important thing to remember is that your goals don't have to be the same throughout your life. They can constantly change and evolve, just as you will change and evolve to become the best version of yourself that you can be! 

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Published by Aatika Seedat