How to Search Google Anonymously

Google is one of the widely used search engines around the globe. Millions of people are using this search engine from different parts of the world through different devices for multiple uses. Millions of websites are accessed by different people and most of the users still are unaware of the fact that Google collects a lot of personal and browsing information of the user. Presently internet surfers are aware of this practice and none of them like search engine collecting the browsing information.

Google is not just a search engine
Google is not just a search engine. There are several Google products used by the people including YouTube, Google + etc for different needs. Google privacy policy includes access to all of the products including email scanning. Your information is used by the Google for own product marketing and advertisement purpose. Moreover, google keep the records of your activities through different accounts of Google. This is the reason why most of the present generation look for the ways to search Google anonymously. Here are some of the important methods for the same.


Useful Methods to Search Google Anonymously


Sign out of Google when not in use
Whether you are in the office of home sign out of your Google account when not in use. This is the first and important tip to keep in mind to assure the safety of your data to a great extent. But it is found that most of the people simply shutting down the computer without logging out the account. Keep in mind that when you are with Google, cookies collect the details with all of your accounts and browsing history. But when you are signed out of your account, Google doesn't know that you are using the browser but still can access the IP address of the computer.

Make use of private browsing
Google chrome provide you with the option of an incognito tab or incognito browsing. You can go into private browsing mode with this option. The benefit of this tab is that the pages you searched here won't appear in the search history or browsing history. Moreover, your browsing is made free from leaving any of the traces like cookies on your computer. But this doesn't completely prevent the website from collecting or sharing information about you. This option just prevents Google chrome from collecting and storing information about you and it won't make your safe from the sites you visit.

Adjust web history settings
Most of the present generation using Google chrome are unaware about the privacy settings of the Google. Settings help you a lot to keep your browsing history private and to search anonymously. You can make use of the settings to limit the information that Google collects out of your browsing. Make use of the options like remove all web history, disable web history etc. to prevent Google from gathering information for its purpose.

Delete cookies
Adjust the setting in the browser to delete the cookies automatically after each of the sessions. Deleting the cookies frequently is a good idea to keep your web history clean and safe. You never like any of the persons to get the details of your search history that can include personal and confidential searches. When you use office computer with access to most of the staffs, it is a good idea to avoid making sensitives searches and to use personal accounts to provide maximum safety for your data and personal information.

Make use of proxies
This is one of the best ideas to search anonymously in Google. This is an in-between server that makes a bridge between the user and the real server. Several people are making use of proxies to hide the identity when surfing the net. There are millions of free anonymous proxy servers available on the internet that can be used by the surfers. You can make use of the proxies in Google by checking the option under LAN settings.

Make use of VPN
If you need to keep your identity and location completely undercover from internet service provider, Google or any of the other agencies, then it is better to make use of VPN (Virtual Private Network) services. With this service, you can use the google to enjoy web browsing without disclosing any of your details including IP address and location. All of your searches will be made on behalf of your VPN server. Here both server and the website can't collect anything about your personal details and location.
VPN is a paid service, and it is certainly affordable when compared with its benefits including masking the IP, speed and reliable connection, complete encryption, secure DNS request and much more. You can get the service from a VPN third party service provider or can get a Personal VPN Providers exclusively for your home.
Now you better know the ways to search Google anonymously and to assure maximum protection for your data and details.

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