Selling a house has never been easy and I guess will never be easy. You might remember what happened to us a couple of months ago when our real estate agent suddenly broke the contract without warning. She just up and left and said she had decided not to sell our house. As you might remember, we need to sell to avoid foreclosure. So we have moved out of the house and rented an apartment. Perhaps you would say it is foolish to rent before you have sold, after all we end up paying rent + the house mortgage. But its not easy to move an entire house into a small apartment, so when a big enough and at the same time cheap enough apartment comes along, you have to grab it before its gone. And so far, we have had not problems paying both the house mortgage and the rent. 

During this ordeal I have had many good reasons to worry. Suddenly we found ourself without a real estate agent facing a forced foreclosure. We had to find a way to fit an entire house into a small apartment and at the same time clean out our old house. My only comfort and rescue in this has been the blood of Christ. When trials came, and they still come sometimes, I choose to focus on the blood of Christ. I choose to believe I only need one thing in my life, the blood of Christ. Each time when I have good reason to worry I choose to remind myself, I have the blood of Christ so I have no reason to worry. 
This has done more for me then anything else in the last weeks and months. Suddenly we found another real estate agent who was willing to sell our house. If we get a good asking price, the sale can make us debt free. He warned us that the market is not good right now, but I remember some years ago, my parents sold their house. They where told the same thing, the market is not good right now. I remember how God intervened back then. The day they where showing the house it was raining and blowing hard. The worst kind of weather to sell a house in. But just 30 minutes before the showing was to begin the rain stopped, the wind calmed down and the sun came out and engulfed the house in a warm sunlight. It stayed like that all during the showing, and when the last people had left, the sun vanished and the rain started up again with strong winds. My parents sold their house to a very good asking price back then. So I know that when the Lord did it back then He will do it again. What did we do to make that happen? Nothing, we only believed in the blood of Christ. 
This week we will be moving the last few boxes out of the house, and I still need to find a solution on how to move some of the furniture that dont belong to us, but has been borrowed to us by my in-laws. That furniture is still in the house and some of it is to big for just one person to life and carry. I am not sure how I will fix that, but I do know this, I have the blood of Christ so I am not worried. 
Our house will be going on the market next week, or no later then the week after that. We really need to sell and to sell quickly to become debt free. But I am not worried, because I have the blood. And I know because of the blood, I am debt free and all our bills are payed. I know every need is met because of the blood. 
This is where it gets challenging for some of us. Our circumstances does not reflect what the blood is promising us. Judged by our circumstances we have a big challenge on our hands and we have every good reason to worry. Faced with this we have to choose what to look at, we have to choose to fight the good fight of faith (1.Tim 6:12). God does not choose for us, we have to make that decision. If we choose to say "I only need the blood" then God will make sure we get everything else we need (Psalm 23, Deut 28:1-13). If we are satisfied with the blood He will satisfy our soul with our every desire and more. 
I know God has sometimes been portrayed as being only interested in what happens to our soul, not what happens to us in this life. And yes, our soul is the most important part for God. After all if our soul is healthy God knows we are secure for eternity and that frees Him up to work on the rest of our life. But this is also about His glory, because he loves with such a deep burning love and He wants the world to see how much we are loved. The only way He can get the glory and the world can see how much we are loved is when we accept the one thing we dont deserve, the blood of Christ. 
Accepting the blood makes our souls healthy but it also makes us part of the covenant with God where He has guaranteed to fulfill His part which is to meet all our needs. (Deut 28:1-13)
So make sure your soul is healthy and you are in the blood covenant with God by being satisfied with the blood and nothing but the blood. 

Published by Apostle Ernie