In the world of technology, life has become easier. You can complete your numerous tasks with just your Smartphone. Now, you don't have to visit a bank for money transfer. You don't have to go market for shopping. You can easily buy your favorite dress from around the world without going outside! You can watch movies, play games and do other numerous jobs with your internet connection.

But is your device safe? This much advancement can be very dangerous for you. You transfer your funds to your friend; but are you sure that the person sitting on other end is your friend? Hacking scams are increasing day by day. Criminal minds enter in your network and steal your personal information and bank details and sometimes your funds also without your knowledge. So, it's always better to use technology with some safety measures. The best safety measure against all hackers and other fraud is by installing security software in your device.

There are numerous antivirus programs available in the market but you should choose according to your requirement. Webroot Secure Anywhere offers a large number of features at very affordable prices. Webroot Activation helps you for getting a reliable and legitimate antivirus program for your device. With this antivirus program, you can secure your multiple devices simultaneously. You can also set different permissions according to your need. This feature helps you in giving or restricting permission to a person for accessing certain features. Now only this, you can also protect your device from all malware attack which is undergoing for changing your Webroot Security Software settings.

If you want to use Webroot Security Software on other devices and want to set different permissions then you have to follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Go to the Webroot Secure Anywhere antivirus dashboard
  • Tap the Advanced Setting option
  • Click on the Access Control button
  • Now you can change the settings just by checking and unchecking the boxes
  • Finally, tap the Save button

Here is the list of Access Control Setting which you can change:

  • Enable Password Protection: If you enable this feature then only authorized person or we can say users who know the password can make any kind of changes.
  • Password: When you enable password protection feature; you also have to type a password
  • Re-enter your Password: You can to enter your password twice for making sure that you have entered a correct string.
  • Protection against Process Termination: If you enable this feature, you can restrict users and programs from terminating any process.
  • Protection against Process Tampering: This feature of Webroot antivirus will prevent programs and users from making any changes in the behavior of any process.
  • Allow un-installation by non-admin users: If you are enabling this feature it means the user can access the Antimalware tools whether they have admin credentials or not.
  • Hide the product key on the desktop: Enabling this feature will help you hide your activation key when displayed on the desktop.
  • Allow non-admin users to access the advanced features: If you enable this feature; every user can access all the latest features of Webroot Secure Anywhere whether he is an admin or not.
  • Allow user to remove malware without a password: Enabling this feature means any user can remove the threats from your device even when your Webroot is fully password protected.

Antivirus is the must-have software program for every device for giving the best protection against all kind of threats. Along with antivirus, a person should also use some security measures such as using a strong password, avoiding public Wi-Fi, using VPN and other practices for working in a safe and secure platform.