How "Why Unified" Acquired 2M Users: Interview with CEO, Robert Nikic

Robert Nikic, the Founder and CEO of Why Unified dared to dream of an innovative and distinctive, technologically advanced and curiously inspiring approach to solve the day to day impediments witnessed by start-ups and SMB’s in the marketplace which yielded multiple partnerships resulting in acquiring more than 2M users. Bootstrap start-ups require excruciating efforts, magnificent amounts of brain power and a not so decent amount of investment capital. In the beginning of a start-up journey every minuscule amount of time, money and effort invested is particularly precious.

In order to fuel your business to do more in less time, Robert Nikic, which recently announced yields of $5M in revenue backed by his reputable background which has received accolades for redefining the digital marketing and SaaS landscape has introduced a sales and marketing platform which enables you to scale your business in terms of market growth and suitability effortlessly with Why Unified.

Why Unified, recognized as Unified is a sales and marketing platform with respect to its name has become a global brand that enables entrepreneurs and SMB’s to boost sales, establish brand trust and authority through their Unified Marketing program, while enabling entrepreneurs to empower their entire business from one place with 100+ business applications which individually would cost thousands of dollars per month, minus key take ways with Unified Workplace.

What separates small business between Corporations is the directly ability to create and execute marketing campaigns which work in sync to deliver the value which it instills in its consumers’ minds, alongside the tools which drive team workflows, revenue and management.

Why Unified delivers the best of both worlds; we were welcomed to interview Robert Nikic, the CEO of Why Unified to gain insights as to how Unified acquired more than 2M users through their business model and recent partnerships:

How did you come with the name for your company? Why Unified?

Unify is defined as: make or become united, whole or uniform.

With Unified, we bring together the idea of placing marketing activities and workplace aesthetics under one platform hence deriving the force to do more.

Unified enables the ability for a small business owner to open its doors and have all of the necessary tools (software) at it’s disposal to sell products, accept appointments, take customer calls and use predictive analytics to avoid bottlenecks that SMB’s face every day in every department through Unified Workplace while establishing a reputable brand with authority that customers trust using a new process of marketing called Unified Marketing which integrates every element of digital marketing that works in sync to attribute towards reaching business goals.

Merging sales, marketing and day to day operations under one platform is what reinforces the name behind the brand, Unified.

Any significant achievement that made a huge difference to your business in a great way?

We wanted to enable Unified Workplace to impact millions of business owners and our partnership with the cPanel App Marketplace was the essential piece of the puzzle. Now, more than 50 brand name hosting companies have Unified Workplace enabled in their control panel where millions of business owners manage their website resulting in 2M+ active users as a part of the Unified brand.

Can you define Unified Marketing, the new concept of marketing that Unified has introduced?

Unified Marketing is defined as a marketing strategy that utilizes multiple elements of marketing which work in sync to support generating, nurturing and converting your target audience while each element supports one another to attribute performance.

Unified Marketing utilizes three core audience generating factors, four nurturing factors and drives conversions through demonstrating product/service value.

Digital marketing in the first place was by origin was naturally designed to function in sync with every element due to many elements being dependent on each other. For example, in order to achieve search engine rankings – content marketing and social media marketing are dependencies while also being key audience generating factors. In order to nurture and convert your audience – it can’t go without email marketing, retargeting and establishing product/service value.

Unified Workplace enable businesses to run their business from one platform. Can you explain how?

Using Unified Workplace, online orders, your appointments, invoicing, phone system and more than 100+ business apps connect under one platform to boost sales, step up productivity, and manage all day-to-day activities. You can easily manage your employees, view real-time reports on what’s happening in your business; get intelligent recommendations on every app to drive more revenue on overlooked sales opportunities.

How do you differ from other digital marketing companies?

Start-ups and SMB’s simply don’t have leverage in today’s marketplace. Digital marketing agencies are providing the same services to them which they offered in 2008 – they have failed to adapt, which is the most critical aspect not only in digital marketing, but for small business growth.

Unified Marketing, a new process of marketing which is proprietary to Unified and enables SMB’s and start-ups to compete on a corporate level which evens the playing field with the same marketing approach they use. Consider Unified Marketing an alternative to integrated marketing and traditional marketing, where every digital marketing element works in sync to generate, nurture and convert your audience through a proven marketing program and process.


How do you run entire business from one platform?

No matter where you are, what device you have access to, swift through day to day operations with email, chat, and cloud phone system apps  and take your business along with you.

Your online orders, appointments, invoicing, phone system and more than 100+ business apps connect under one platform to boost sales, step up productivity, and manage everyday activities. Manage your employees, view real-time reports and keep a real time check on what’s happening in your business; get intelligent recommendations on every app to drive more revenue as now you can emphasize more on sales opportunities that might have been overlooked.

Any big plans for Unified, in the coming time?

With already 70 applications in the Unified Marketplace which has leveraged great market share already, we have plans to introduce 80 more applications by the Q1 of next year. With increasing demands of businesses in specific industries requesting applications that automate their processes, we have plans to integrate more industry-specific applications which will enable businesses regardless of industry to do more, in less time, under one platform.

We are also expecting the launch of our applications on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store for each of its individual applications that it offers in Q1 of 2019

To improve workflows and predict bottlenecks we regularly keep updating the applications which improves the predictive analytics and boosts the power of artificial intelligence so that the quantity, quality, efficiency of every business workplace improves consistently.

We would like to thank you for your readership in this interview. If you would like to learn more about Why Unified, please visit


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Editors Note: Why Unified, recognized as Unified has registered a federal trademark in the United States with the USPTO.

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