While it is true that some foods are considered to be healthier than others, there is no such thing as a perfect diet or a perfect eating regimen. Different people have different needs and prescribing the same eating schedule to a person who leads a sedentary lifestyle and to the one who trains 6 times per week would be just outright wrong. Furthermore, people of different constitutions may require different quantities of food just to maintain their weight, not to talk about losing or gaining weight. Another thing that has an impact on one’s dietary habits is their age. Here are several issues that can be vastly improved with the right diet.



Bone density


As soon as you reach your 30s, your bone density will start gradually declining. Once you reach 50, the difference will become easily noticeable. Now, while it is impossible to stop this process, you can slow it down with two methods. You can A) exercise more and B) consume a lot of calcium-rich foods. The foods that contain an abundance of calcium are beans, nuts and raw milk. Apart from this, it can also be found in broccoli or any type of dairy products. Keep in mind, however, that you shouldn’t push it, which can easily happen if you are already taking supplements of calcium.





One of the problems that many men have later in life are the ones regarding their sex life. While it is true that some problems are physiological and can be resolved only with best treatments by trained professionals, sometimes the key to salvation lies in rectifying your diet. In this scenario, the problem with your manhood is usually caused by a lack of a certain nutrient. Luckily, beets can replenish your nitrates, dark chocolate can help you with flavonoids, while you can get your zinc from oysters. Another food that is great for healing erectile dysfunction is the watermelon, seeing as how it contains significant amounts of antioxidants which are vital in this process.



Immune system


As you start growing older, your immune system might rapidly deteriorate. However, vitamins and probiotics gained from certain foods may be of a great assistance here. For instance, the famous vitamin C can be found in citrus fruits but also in red bell peppers and broccoli. Apart from this, foods like garlic, almonds, spinach, and ginger are also known to give your immune system a significant boost. While fruits can be consumed as snacks, other items on this list can easily be used as ingredients.



Maintaining a healthy body weight


Finally, as you grow older the risk of type 2 diabetes and cholesterol increases, which is why maintaining a healthy body weight becomes even more important. Furthermore, as we discussed in the first section, your bones are getting more brittle, which means that you want a bit less weight on them than you previously had. Here, a regular exercise and a moderate diet play a crucial role. You don’t have to starve yourself to death but adopting a few healthy eating habits is definitely a great idea. Try rationing your meals and avoid unhealthy carbs as much as you can.

At the end of the day, the fact that you’re getting older doesn’t mean that you should revolutionize your eating habits but only alter them a bit. All you need to do is alter them a bit in order to help them keep up with all the changes your body is going through. Seeing as how these changes are gradual, the adjustments you make to your menu should follow suit. In the end, a proper diet is a key ingredient in aging gracefully.


Published by Cate Palmer