Is Your Community Serving Your Highest Good?

On your journey to growth, success, and peace, you must surround yourself with a community, of people, who will support you and your vision.  Often times, when people set out on a journey or to complete a goal, they are not surrounded by a community who support them.   They may say it can’t be done, question your motives, or just turn their backs on you.  They may even spread their negativity to others causing even more negative energy to come your way.  Remember you can’t share your dream with everyone because everyone is not going to understand or see your path. 

Don’t be afraid to walk away, from the people or things, that don’t serve your highest good.  The community, with whom you surround yourself, should be supportive, encouraging, loving, and nonjudgmental.  This does not mean they will agree with you on everything, but it does mean they will find supportive ways to help guide you.  They will be willing to communicate with you and not talk about you.   They will also call you out on your BS.  Remember, a supportive group helps you grow and growth involves facing some painful truths, letting go of safety nets, and stepping outside your comfort zone.  

As you continue on your journey, take inventory of the people you have in your circle.  Are they supportive, loving, and encouraging?  Can you talk to them about what is going on in your life without fear of judgement?  Are they helping you identify the crutches holding you back or are they helping you make excuses as to why you can’t take that next step?  If your community is not serving your highest good, it’s time to find a new one.

Published by Kimberly Cannady


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