So I don't know where you reside on this great big spinning world, but as for me, I call southern Cali my home. Amazing beaches, museums, restaurants, plenty of shopping and a Starbucks on every corner (literally, this isn't an exaggeration). One of the best parts of living in beautiful Cali is the weather. The sun is pretty much always present, making the gloom and doom days all the more awesome. We do indeed get a nice chilly winter and weeks of blistering triple digits during the summer. I have noticed a few particular autumn favorites start to peek their way back.

It all started about a week ago when I was leaving to go run a few errands and noticed that some of the trees around the apartmentland I live at are beginning to turn from summer green to pale shades of autumn ombre. A few of the leaves are even starting to depart from their branches, floating to the ground.

While I was running errands on that day I noticed whole shopping at Wal-Mart that a few Halloween items have popped onto the shelves. I saw cute festive Halloween cupcake wrappers in the baking department and Halloween fabrics in the sewing department (getting those costume ideas brewin'). I have also noticed that social media has come down with a touch of the autumn/ Halloween bug. Pinterest especially. As excited as it makes me because I do indeed love that time of the year, I just want to make sure that it is still August, right? It has to be because I always know when September slams in, that's birthday palooza month in my family. Seriously, birthdays every week, some weeks two or three birthdays, then more bdays in October followed by Halloween. Then November hits with my b'day kicking it off along with thanksgiving and then we fall into December. The last four months of each year is quite the blurred I love it though.

Anyone else notice the creep up of autumn/ Halloween? Dear go, I hope I haven't gone completely crazy... at least not yet.  


Published by Derra Sabo