Part V

4pm at the Centre

“ Annual Music Festival “ I said to Ben, looking to the Banner hanging on the centre gate.

Some women gave out the event programs . we see a lot of things going on , there’s music every hour from local band . there will be DJ performing also around 9pm. There are some Food stalls from neighborhood restaurant and café . There are some bazaar of course. Some people use it to sell their old stuff or stuff from their shops. My eye busy looking out here and there. Because some people selling a good vintage stuff.

“ Oh my, Danny would love to have this. “ I said to Ben. So I quickly take a picture of a bohemian taste of chair and send it to Danny. I also busy asking about the price and the number from the seller. While Ben take a lot of picture here and there. I think he will put this on his blog. I felt that he took my picture also one time. Well I hope it’s a good one. Then I give him one big wide smile for him because I feel happy ! yea he take a picture of that.

Finally, we have found a nice spot to sit. Where we can have our food but yet we still can hear the music. And watching the commotion on the bazaar area. I manage to buy lemonade, few mineral waters, mini burgers all flavor, chicken and spinach quiche, and beef goulash.  Ben manage to buy chocolate strawberry cupcakes, Korean BBQ rice ball, French fries with mayonnaise and crab sandwiches.

“ well we really have a feast now “ Ben said  while he position everything in a nice way to take a picture

“ yup. Let’s eat! “ I start eating the mini burger. I am really starving now.

I see that Ben also starving. He eats every piece of everything. He also enjoy the crowd I think. Well, this city is quite well known with the friendly people. They love music and they love good food. Ben sometimes write a note onto some pictures he takes. I believe it’s a food review. I hope it will have a great impact on the tourism and the economy here. A little give back to the city I am known for almost my whole life .

“ how is the food ? “ I ask Ben after he finish wiping his mouth and drinking the lemonade.

Ben explained that the food taste GREAT. He loves all the sweets savories and the super fresh lemonade he just take. I am also agree to him. The food today taste nice. With affordable price also. I take some name card from the food truck around. Maybe one day they will visit the city we currently living now. I am also thinking the same with Ben. The festival successfully makes positive impact to people around.

The band start playing cover version of We are young from FUN.

I sing to it while I put my head on Ben’s shoulder. We raise our voice when the chorus startin…

“ tonight…. We are young.. so let set the world on fire we could burn brighter than the sun “

We really enjoy every moment we had now.  We holding hands and watch the band further.

The band start playing a jazz songs because it’s around 6pm. The sunset background really make the ambience romantic feel.

“ wanna dance? “ ask Ben.  Shockingly and groggily  I am just nodded to him and give him my hand.

We Slow dance.

“ you’ve got me wrapped around, your little finger. If this is love.. is everything I hope it would be.. “ sang the singer..

I put my head on his shoulder. This would be a nice moment I have with Ben. I can really sense his smells. Chocolaty.. he maybe use cocoa lotion I guess. I can feel his heart beat. Steady and strong. I can feel his warm body. Then he put his hand lower and we literally so close to each other. We don’t care about any other people say. I just want to cherish this feeling as long as I can have. I missed this. I need this. With Ben, I felt he want me yet he respect me too. I don’t think he will do all this if he is just tryin to get some if you know what I mean.

“Jenna.. “ Ben whisper slowly in my ear.

“hmmm… “

“ I like what I feel right now. Do you feeling the same with me ? “ he continues

I embrace him more and look him in the eye before answering.

“ I do feel it. I also like it. Its okay right? “

“ yes. I want to try this relationship with you. “

“ I do feel this is so right. I want to try that too. “ I said softly.

“ great. “ and he moved closer to kiss me again..

Another sweet kisses from him. Its melt every bone that I have. Its passionate, but its not with lust.

I can hear the singer sing more and its perfectly match what I am feeling now

“When we kissed.. is as if.. our lips agreed that we were meant to be.. “

Then we broke the kiss just to laugh to each other. He puts up his glass and ask me for a toast,

“ here’s to us “ he said.

“ for happily life ahead “ I said.


11 pm at Home

“ I am home now. So u get rest , I enjoyed what we had today. I will print the pictures that you want and I will bring it to u when it finished. So have a nice sleep. I call you tomorrow. “

I read what he text me. My body is feeling super light. I am happy. Danny will want full explanation about today. i don’t know what he will said if I said to him that I am starting dating Ben. I clean myself and put on my loose t-shirt and shorts. Ready to bed. Until I found another message on my phone.

I thought Ben would like to say anything else that he forget.

One message from unknown number…

That’s odd.  I hope I didn’t give my number to any weird person today. I remember correctly, I just give my number to the chair seller. Nothing else. But will that seller do this to me. That would be crazy I thought. I choose to open it up. Even  thou I already put myself on my bed preparing to sleep and dreaming about Ben.

“ Hi Jenna, I don’t know what to say. I saw you today at the festival. Are you still living in that neighborhood?  I am sorry for texting you this late. But I really need to build up the courage to text you. I don’t know if you ever forgive me. I have done terrible things to you and your mother. Elena, was a very loving kind woman. I am so dumb to left her. I am currently back to the neighborhood because I have business there. Would you like to have coffee or lunch with me someday? I mean, its okay if you don’t want too. I am happy you look happy with your partner today. I see you have a happy smile that I remember since your baby. I think I don’t have the right to call myself your father, but I wish to know you. No matter what happen you are my daughter. Jenna, text me back. I am sorry. “

That’s it.

No name. No further explanation. I felt it like a prank. But is it? Does this man is my dad?

The thought that my dad came up from nowhere now is giving me a mixture feeling. I feel angry. I feel sad. I feel excited. I feel scared. He was sorry he said. Yea after  22 years now he feel sorry? What is he thinking! I choose to forget it and go straight to sleep. This man is a lunatic! 

To be Continued..


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Published by Tanya Petrushka