Jessie Lee Ward Inspiring Many People to Succeed in Network Marketing

Jessie Lee Ward Inspiring Many People to Succeed in Network Marketing

Dec 12, 2019, 11:00:00 AM Business


Success is not that easy to achieve, no matter the career direction you plan to pursue. Determination, hard work, dedication, perseverance, and commitment are key ingredients of the recipe of a successful person. The success story of Jessie Lee Ward has over the years left many tongues wagging. And many people follow her career and operations on a daily basis.


Jessie Lee as she is widely known has been earning more than 6-figure on a monthly basis and a 7-figure on a yearly basis. This is after she joined community-based marketing in the year 2015. She had no prior experience in the network marketing field.


Jessie Lee grew up in poverty in Maryland. It was never an easy life has she needed more than $300 a month to stay afloat and meet her daily needs. Education-wise, Jessie Lee acquired a Bachelor of Science (BS) at the City University of New York; Hunter College.


She holds degrees in Communications and Marketing. This is a feat that has seen her through many challenges in the field as well as the chance to grasp opportunities that come her way.

Over the years Jessie Lee Ward has been using her communication and marketing skills to scale higher heights that many people can only imagine or dream about. As an energetic achiever, she has used her negotiation skills to interact with different people and struck incredible deals.

Jessie Lee has been able to grasp new concepts in the network marketing sector and use this experience to empower women and business-minded people. She has been leading her team in many activities that have been rewarding in many incredible ways.


When Jessie Lee Ward is not working, she is always empowering women in many platforms. She is also passionate about saving dogs and building relationships with different people from all walks of life. Her team of professionals has been great to her and she says it humbles her each day.

It is through her team at the Association of Network Marketing Professionals that it has inspired her to take her company to the next level. Indeed, her company and endeavors don’t show any signs of slowing down thanks to her passionate heart, energetic team, and their determination. She has built everything online and expanding globally on a daily basis.


Many people who have interacted with Jessie Lee Ward can attest that she is an expert in building high-tech relationships and this is just via her passionate heart. She has always used this opportunity to teach many other people in need of such knowledge. She encourages everyone interested to give network marketing a try.


Through her podcast channel; Jessie Lee is The People’s Mentor, she has been able to inspire many and she is still inspiring millions of people worldwide. Through her podcast channel, you will get practical life tips, motivation, encouragement and business tips. The channel is also a great place to laugh, share ideas, and learn from others.


Jessie Lee Ward has a number of honors and awards to her name. She is a part of the Pure Romance Sr. Board of Directors and a Slumber Parties Advisory Board Member. Jessie Lee also graced the cover of Networking Times as well as the profession’s premier magazine.


She has been a prominent speaker at Go Pro- Most Powerful Women and the Association of Network Marketing Professionals. Find Jessie Lee Ward on Instagram or Facebook among other networking platforms and interact.


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