Job Seeking Tips and Techniques for New Jobs In 2019

For job seekers, one of the fundamental tools is the curriculum vitae: it is not enough to present it. You have to write it in the right way to stand out from all the other candidates and "be remembered": personalized, original and consistent with the work for which you are applying.  The recruiters take about 15 seconds on average to evaluate a resume . However, it is not enough to have a good curriculum: it is necessary to choose the research to be answered and how to behave during the interview.

To create a useful and simple guide to job seekers, The Job Listing has defined 10 tricks to find a job as well to explore the latest jobs vacancies. Here are 10 tricks to conquer the work of your dreams.

1. Answer the Right Offer For the Job in 2019

Select the candidate search that reflects your profile and ask if the offer really meets your expectations. You must be right for the job, but the job must be right for you. Do not send resumes to all the ads you see, but select and focus on those for which you think you can be the ideal candidate: few, but good.

2. Create a Complete and Personalized CV for 2019

Customize the curriculum according to the offer you are applying for. Enhance the skills you have and that are highlighted in the announcement, with sincerity. Also highlight transversal skills such as organizational skills, interpersonal skills, and ability to work in a team, seriousness, motivation and commitment. It also tells about you through hobbies, passions or volunteering.

3. Do Not Underestimate the Importance of the Telephone Interview in 2019

Even if the initial interview is done on the phone, you cannot risk making a bad impression. It is the first contact with the company that could hire you, you must respond calmly and concentration. And if you're not available, say and fix another telephone appointment.

4. Choose Appropriate Clothing for job interview

The look of the interview should not be underestimated. It must make you feel at ease, without being too informal. Observe how the employees of the company dress to be in line with them. You can also go for a coffee at the bar under the company headquarters a few days before the interview to understand how they dress and what is the corporate dress code?

5. At the Interview Go Alone with Confidence

You do not need parents, friends, boyfriends to accompany you, you must know how to manage in autonomy the situation. To show you only shows that you need continuous support, especially in stressful situations: it is not a good business card.

6.  Be Well Prepared for the New Job

If you answered the announcement , it means that you are interested in working in that company. Prepare for the interview: you must be sincere and yourself, but also appropriate to the environment in which you go. Therefore, documented on the company, read on the internet how to tell and what is said about them, prepared on the type of business they deal with, on the values that are expressed as spokespersons and on the company mission.

7. Keep a Composed Attitude for New Job

During the job interview pay attention to the tone of the voice and how you move. If you are also agitated, sit down, look in the eyes of the interlocutor, do not speak loudly or too fast, take breaks and catch the attention of the person you are talking to.

8. Honesty is the first Quality for New Job

Honesty is the first quality that a grader seeks. Do not show yourself for what you are not, do not lie about what you can do and value your merits. Remember that if you hire yourself, you will have to know how to do everything you said you could do.

9. Be Specific for your Experiences and Skills

When you talk about yourself or your experiences and skills, be specific. Give examples of situations you've managed, projects you've taken part in, how you've come to solve a problem, and what (concrete) results you've achieved. So if you say you are an organized person, explain also when and how you were.

10. Ask Questions

The decision whether or not to accept a job, is also yours and to better evaluate the offer you have to solve your doubts and ask yourself questions. Demonstrate curious; ask questions about the company and the position you're going to cover. You can also ask for remuneration and what could be the response times, but not as first and only thing.

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Jan 15, 2019, 8:56:11 AM

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