Journey to Singapore (2/3)

Same country. Same weather. Same morning. Same cloud.

Different outfit. Different menu. Different destination. Different day.

Today to do list were shopping. Some people connote shopping as bad activity, throw away money for unimportant thing. Some people connote shopping as their hobby, they seek of pleasure to decrease stress after abundant works at jobs or schools. In my opinion, if you can make a priority list of what you are going to buy, you are a smart shopper. There are two kinds of people if we talk about shopping. There are these people who make the cheapest price as their number one, as their hunt. The more cheaper the more you get. And there are those people who want to have good quality stuff no matter what the price is. Price shows the quality. Quality shows perfection. These quality seeker have different types too. There are a quality seeker who buy it to add their collection, to show off, to really really want to have quality. You can’t lie the time. The better the quality the long last it will be.

#Day2 places to go were : Paragon – Mandarin – Takashimaya – Cathay Mall – Starbucks – Newton Food Court

You don’t have to worry if you are missing your hometown menu, Indonesian. Almost all food court in Singapore provide it. Most delicious Indonesian is in Tambuah Mas Restaurant at Paragon. It really shows Indonesian taste. And the menu also the same as most Indonesian restaurant, ayam goreng, gado-gado, ikan teri, so on. Takashimaya food court has Padang food, it has nasi rames. Nasi rames is like a rice accompanied with bunch of side dishes that are mostly cooked with coconut milk and chilies. It tastes spicy but really nice. Kenzo and Y-3 only have one store in Singapore. Kenzo is in Takashimaya and Y-3 is in Mandarin.

After went out from Mandarin, we bought the most popular ice-cream-in-bread in Orchard road Singapore. Actually you can make it at home. You can also use your favorite ice cream and add messes, M&M, or nuts on it. But it just feels different if you buy it directly from the ice cream seller in Singapore and eat it right away. And yes this was my sister’s ice cream. I didn’t buy it because my throat is easily sick if eating or drinking something cold.

There are shoes shops in Cathay Mall that sells many different shoes brands, like Jeffrey Campbell, Dr. Martens, Adidas, Nike, New Balance. I forget the store’s name but it is on the second floor. There is a delicious burger shop in it named Mos. It served burger with rice in it. It also offers many choices. I bought fish burger because we still wanted to have real dinner. The most favorite one is Osaka Yaki. When we (my sister and I) walked, I saw a very long line queue ramen restaurant, Keisuke Kani King. The ramen looks very tempted and delicious.

After bought shoes from Cathay Mall, we went to Newton Food Court by taxi to eat seafood. Newton Food Court is outdoor food court that serves different oriental menu from many countries. Most of them are Chinese.

We ordered seafood in “Stall 49 Denmark Seafood”. These were our orders,


We went home at about 10 p.m. by taxi.

That was how I end my #Day2 in Singapore. That is all from me, see you in my #Day3 story in Singapore!

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