Kiehls Skin Care

This brand is my skins saviour. Throughout my teenage years, I had countless problems with my skin, and nothing seemed to make much difference. I suffered with dry patches, an oily T-zone, breakouts, scarring and dullness. I found out recently sometimes it's not your skin with the problems, it's the products your putting onto it!

I was using a facial soap from Clinique for a good couple of months, it made my skin feel so clean that it almost squeaked if I rubbed my hands on it, which I thought was amazing because no bacteria could survive and it would get rid of my spots- SO wrong. It was stripping my skin of its natural oils, so not only was it drying out my skin, it was causing it to produce extra oils to try and rebalance itself, which caused my oily T-zone. 

I saw online that Kiehls Ultra Facial Cream had great reviews, so I went into Liberties and got myself a sample. So that evening, I carried on with my usual skincare routine, but used this cream in place of my regular moisturiser. The next day my skin looked completely transformed! My dry patches had dramatically improved, and my skin looked so much more radiant and healthy. Throughout the day, my skin kept more balanced and produced less oils, I noticed I didn't have to touch up my makeup nearly as much. After a few days of trying it out, I loved the results and decided to buy it.

 I then went onto to try the ultra facial cleanser, the best cleanser I have ever used! Considering my job is in the makeup world and I wear a lot of makeup, it thoroughly takes it all off and yet still leaves my skin feeling nourished and hydrated! I also use the Ultra Light Daily UV Defence. This cream is so light and weightless that makeup can be worn over the top, it also has factor 50, and is the only cream that stops my nose burning! However it still allows my face to tan, just not burn and become red and painful. 

Obviously Kiehls is a high end brand, so it's products are at a higher price, but if it's in your price range then give it a go, it's quickly become one of my favourite brands and one that I don't mind splurging on because I think it's results are worth it! 

Published by Anna Kadwill


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