Fashion designing is one of the most creative options available in India. Students who discover there creative skills and love for fashion, fashion designing is the best course to nurture their talent. Fashion design is one of the most prosperous vocational education stream in abroad as well as in India. Fashion designing was not very popular in India as a career option because of Limited Institutions offering the course. However, now colleges for fashion designing in India are to be found in every Metropolitan that offer excellent placements and curriculum.

If you are a fashion enthusiast and want to pursue fashion designing, then here is everything that you would want to know about the subject.

What is actually Fashion Design?

The artistic application of design, creativity and beauty to clothes and accessories is termed as fashion designing. Fashion design is a progressive art form that is influenced by various social and cultural attitudes which changes from time to time and from place to place. Different kinds of clothes and accessories are designed using the knowledge of different cultures and social trends. Modern fashion designing can be categorized into two different domains that is the ready to wear and Haute Couture.

What is the eligibility criteria for getting admission into a school of fashion design?

Anyone who has a flair for art and creativity can join fashion School if he or she has passed Higher Secondary Education from a state board or National Board of Education.

The skills that you must acquire to pursue fashion designing and crack the admission tests are:

  • Basic drawing skills

  • Ability to solve problems, reasoning and logistics

  • Create and identify trends

  • Good understanding of texture, colours and shapes.

  • Some knowledge about computer software for designing.

  • Basic cutting and sewing techniques.

Curriculum and structure of the course

The fashion designing course structure is aimed at making students into dynamic design professionals who can keep up with the frequently changing fashion trends in the industry. Change is the only constant in the fashion industry that requires a lot of skills for a fashion designer to meet the demands of the ever evolving fashion trends. The course structure and curriculum is incorporated with a combination of experiential learning and practical first hand training that helps in holistic development.

What are the career opportunities available?

Completing your fashion designing course from a best fashion designing college in India can give you a lot of opportunities in the fashion world. Some of the career options available in India are:

  • Fashion Designer

  • Fashion Illustrator

  • Fashion Stylist

  • Fashion Coordinator

  • Fashion Consultant

  • Fashion Merchandiser

  • Forecasting and Fashion Trends Forum Organizers

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Pattern Engineers

  • Design Managers

The Gurukul School of Design in Jaipur is the best fashion design college in India. GSD pledges to train the future fashion professionals with the qualities of world class designing skills and traditional values of aesthetics. At Gurukul, you will nurtured into a creative individual with the ability to create evolving fashion trends.


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