Life is too short to eat the cake

Why become vegan? I mean, life is too short, right? We are supposed to do what we want, eat what we want because tomorrow is not promised, right?

I was a believer of this philosophy for so long. Even during all the times that I have attempted different diets to heal my Multiple Sclerosis. I think that may have been my downfall. If it's attitude that defines us, then that's not exactly the attitude to have when eating for health. I am pretty sure it's why I fell off the bandwagon again and again.

It would start with, "Oh, but it's a birthday party and I have been so good for a year." Then, "I felt so good after that last cheat, one more won't hurt." To, "Buffalo wings are my favorite. If I allow them just once a month I should be ok." Finally, "Wow, I've been feeling so good despite my cheats, maybe my health no longer depends on it."


Such a slippery slope. What if I changed that attitude? What if I looked at it from another perspective? Life is too short - that doesn't change. But, what if I do what I want and eat what I want to have the tomorrow I want? Sure, it may not be promised to me still but if I am blessed enough to have it, I want to live it my way. I want to have the energy to go on adventures. I want to feel well enough to spend time with my family. I want to be sure that I will not have to rely on others to provide my basic needs.

Sure, the first month, two months, even year are really f'ing hard. But, in time I find that I no longer crave the things I once did. Food no longer becomes the thing that I base my life around. I stop looking longingly at the meals others are eating and I rejoice in the lightness of being. Because that's how eating clean makes me feel, light.

So, here I am being the thing that I NEVER thought I would be, a vegan. And, life has never been sweeter.

Wishing you best health

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