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Do you have red, swollen, bleeding, withdrawn gums? You probably have gum disease receding gums. Such inflammation occurs when there is a long-term dental plaque on the transition between tooth and gums. When inflamed gums are not treated, more serious conditions can develop such as peridontitis receding gums where teeth can eventually be lost. You will read today what the causes of receding gums are and why natures smile gum healing mouthwash is different from others?

Main Cause: Dental Plaque

The most common cause of gum disease receding gums is insufficient oral hygiene. If the teeth are not properly cleaned, plaque remains on the edge of the gums. Dental plaque is a barely visible layer of proteins and bacteria (biofilm) on and between the teeth and molars. When dental plaque is not removed regularly, it becomes harder and turns into tartar, which cannot be completely removed by brushing and flossing. The growing tartar and the bacteria that adhere to it irritate the gums, causing it to ignite.

Promoting Factors

Some factors, such as diabetes and pregnancy, increase the chance of inflammation of the gums. People with diabetes and pregnant women should, therefore, pay extra attention to good oral hygiene.


Plaque accumulation process starts much more easily in smokers than in non-smokers. Moreover, the blood circulation of the gums is reduced, so that the inflammation often goes unnoticed.


Some medicines can lead to reduced saliva production. Saliva has an inhibitory effect on the growth of bacteria. Therefore, a decrease in saliva can cause an increase in bacteria and also induce gum disease. Other medications such as epilepsy and high blood pressure can lead to an overgrowth of gums, which hinders the cleaning of the teeth.

Common Symptoms

In the beginning, gum disease usually goes unnoticed. Possible symptoms are:

• Red gums, especially along the edges: the color of healthy gums is slightly pink.

• The gums are swollen and shine.

• Bleeding gums, e.g., when you eat an apple, brush the teeth ... If the gums are healthy, it never bleeds.

• Sometimes a bad taste or bad breath.

• Sometimes pain.

Consequences Of Inflamed Gums

Gum disease receding gums can pass to "periodontitis." This is a deeper inflammation, in which the gums and bone that is under the gum is affected. The further the periodontitis progresses, the looser the teeth come to be. This bone loss is irreversible.

Prevention Of Receding Gums:

Brushing Your Teeth

With good oral hygiene, which removes dental plaque on a daily basis, inflammation of the gums can be greatly avoided.

• Brush the teeth twice a day, especially in the evening and preferably in the morning, with fluoride free toothpaste and for at least two minutes.

• Daily clean the space between teeth (interdental cleaning) by flossing or using toothpicks or interdental brushes.

You cannot remove tartar yourself. All tartar must be removed carefully and regularly, at least once a year, by the dentist.

Natures Smile Gum Healing Mouthwash

If you have dental caries, suffer from bleeding gums or just have a gum treatment, brushing teeth does not work that well. Of course, you can also consider using Natures Smile gum healing mouthwash.

Why Natures Smile Receding Gums Mouthwash Is Different From Others?

At the pharmacy, the drug store and the supermarket many species are for sale. The different flushing agents have a different effect. Many mouthwashes claim to help prevent dental plaque and prevent or combat gum disease receding gums. However, many of these products have not or insufficiently shown that they have such an effect and offer an additional benefit to brushing the teeth. Moreover, these flushing agents usually remain in the mouth for a short time. Any active ingredients are spit out or dissolved in the saliva. And rinse drinks do not come under the gums, the place where the cause of inflammation is often. Some of these products could also have a negative effect on the healthy and necessary bacteria in the mouth.

Natures Smile gum healing mouthwash by is world’s best herbal mouthwash for receding gums treatment. The classy taste of its herbal ingredients remains in mouth for a longer time. It does not kill all oral bacteria, but only wipe out bad ones. Natures Smile is 100 percent natural fluoride free mouthwash for receding gum and has no risk to use on a daily basis.

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