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After Freeform turned to former Pretty Little Liars showrunner I. Marlene King to helm an adaption of PLL author Sara Shepherd’s series The Perfectionists, Spoiler TV notes that ABC has asked King to do a pilot for one of Shepherd’s other works, The Heiresses.  This one follows a famous family who realize that someone wants them dead.  PLL star Shay Mitchell will be one of the leads.

Epic Reads has a Q&A with Shepherd about the upcoming Perfectionists series.  As someone who really didn’t like the last few years of the PLL show, I have definite mixed feelings about King helming two new adaptations of Shepherd’s work. 

ABC is also planning a modern day adaptation of Charles Dickens A Tale of Two Cities, as well as a show about a couple who adopt both a baby and the baby’s teen mother, called Heartland.  The net is also looking at a show called New World, which has shades of one of ABC’s biggest hits in recent memory, following estranged brothers who take their families on a trip together only for a shipwreck to leave them stranded. 

Fox has picked up a soap about a family that moves to Hawaii for a fresh start, while NBC is looking at a Nancy Drew as an adult series, after CBS made a pilot for one last season.  While the CBS version  seemed to be just about a cop who happened to be named Nancy Drew, this version will say that Drew actually wrote the books about her teen adventures, and now must reunite with her two best friends from adolescence, both of whom have some serious issues with how they were portrayed in the books.

The CW is going to pilot with The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, though it is not yet clear if this will be a direct adaption of the comic series of the same name, or if it will exist in the same universe as Riverdale.  The network is also looking at adapting an upcoming YA series, School for Psychics by K.C. Archer.  The series follows a young woman who joins a secret government program for gifted individuals, only to be drawn into investigating a threat to all psychics that might be tied to the death of her parents.  According to Goodreads synopsis of the book, the character will include someone who can manipulate fire, someone who can communicate with animals, and am empathy.  But it remains to be seen if those characters would all show up on the TV series.

The CW is also turning to Rob Thomas, of Veronica Mars and Izombie fame, for an alien invasion show called It’s the End of the World as We Know It, about a world where a prison spaceship has crashed on Earth, as well as a religious dramady, and a show about an artificial intelligence.

The network is also teaming with Stranger Things EPS for a haunted house drama.  It sounds potentially interesting, though the big question is whether the idea really has the legs for a series. 

The CW is also looking at a few different Supernatural Detective storiesRoswell follows a cop who is a secret alien, and his love interest who is an illegal alien, and it doesn’t seem to really be an adaption of the book series, even though it’s being marketed as such.  Dead Inside is about a cop who partners with the ghost of her detective brother, while Project 13 follows a forensic scientist and paranormal believer who partners with her skeptic father to investigate mysterious events.

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