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So I ordered a bunch of running - related books and I finally got ahold of them after sending them to my home address and not my new one! When I was packing for the beach this past weekend I figured I would bring one of them along with me, and I grabbed John Parker Jr.'s Once A Runner. 

Wow is this a good book. I have read running books before, most notably the well known Born to Run, but this one is different. Written from the viewpoint of members of the track and cross country team at a Florida college, the book offers some insight into what it was like to live that high octane life, filled with lots of people who run 18 miles for fun and run sub-5 minute miles (I WISH). 

I highly recommend you check it out. The book also got me thinking, Once A Runneralways a runner. I first began running when I was in my early teens and never did cross country or track or anything, I always ran for myself. There was a time where I stopped running for a few months and I was not sure I could ever get back to it. Once you have that itch though, it is impossible to get rid of. All those runners highs and long miles are life-changing to say the least. 

That's why it felt good doing those 2 miles this morning and feeling like they were easy. I still got it. Once a runner, always a runner, and man its good to be back. 


Let's change together, let's run together.

- RunningchangesU

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Jul 29, 2016, 12:16:51 PM

Running does change us! True dat! I skinnier now! :p Kiddin, I've always been that. Just making a point. :) Anyways, I've read it. Chapter 17 was my favourite. Where it talks about "running through" things!

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