I don’t know why I am so in love with Charlie Puth’s song. His tender voice seems to sing whatever his heart wants to say. Like… Even if the girl doesn’t know him, he is still one call away. Even if the girl is upset about something, he is still ready to make him happy. He’s just one call away. He is not superman but he’s ready to be one. 

Yeah. Maybe I can relate to his song because I am like him. I can turn away from something important just to answer the call from my special someone. 

Think now. Do you have one person in mind if you hear or read the phrase “one call away”? 

Instead of “the one that got away”, I want to talk about “the one who is always one call away”. 

Is it you? Are you the person who is just one call away? Or you might be thinking of other person who is always there for you. 

It’s so difficult to identify that one man or woman whom you often neglect when your life is okay or when everything seems to be fine. Because he/she may not even be an important or significant person in your life. BUT whenever you feel down or if the person you expect to be there for you is nowhere to be found, he/she is still there for you. You just need to call or most of the time, even if you don’t call, he/she is always there… Waiting for you. 

Some people call them martyrs. Some call them fools in love. Some call them great lovers. Some call them third wheel. Some call them underdogs. I wanna call them “the one who is always one call away”. They may be someone who is secretly in love with you. They may be your best friend, your parents, your brother or sister, or the most annoying person in the planet for you. 

Yeah. Think about that one person whom you “seenzone” on Facebook because he/she sends you messages. Or the person from your office who sends you flowers anonymously. Or the person whom you chat with everyday and night. Or the person you always have lunch with. Or that one childhood friend whom you never get the chance to see again after so many years. 

We all have that one person who is always one call away. Sometimes, we forget about them. We only remember them if we need someone to ease our emotional pain or boredom. Sometimes we USE them, only when needed. And we forget that they are so happy when we call them and need them at some point in our lives, that we don’t even ask if they’re okay. 

But I guess, that’s their purpose. 

That’s OUR purpose. 

To give love whenever you feel alone. To give warmth if you’re cold. To give everything we have even if it won’t matter to you. 

Yeah. I’m still one call away. Even if I am the one at the bottom of your list. I assure you that I will answer your call. Always. No matter how. No matter what. 

Now, think again. Have you realized now who is your one-call-away person? Let’s appreciate them. 😊

Published by Eba Grasya