One can’t have a heart without getting it broken

Lub, dub, lub, dub

Can you hear it in your chest?

Does it have anything to confess?

No, please. Can’t that sound be any less?

No, don’t let go of the coldness


Keep it all inside, my dear

It won’t get any better

Please don’t even think of going near

Near the end, near the edge,

Near the places where it shatter


You’ve locked it, don’t open

You know exactly what would happen

Let it scream, do not listen

That liar-breaking the broken

That heart should remain frozen


Temporary is what it gives

Fantasy is where it lives

During joy is when it leaves

Towards an end it always arrives

Stabbing itself a thousand knives


It kills without precaution

That of name Emotion

Indeed a God of beautification

Turning hate to admiration

Drowning people in hallucination


It blinds, there’s nothing to see

Helpless, it’s what you’ll be

Love is such a dangerous sea

You’d sink in the word “we”

Forgetting to say the other-“me”


You’ve been there, right?

Why go in for another fight?

Would you really risk the light,

Hoping that it might,

this time be finally right?


It’s such a risk to take

Needs a lot of bravery to fake

Knowing that you’re near

Near the dark, frightening ending

Where you’re fond of your own suffering


Heart breaks with every of its beat

What makes it live is nothing but a cheat

Its life is a death if you look beneath

Causing pain that seems to have no limit

Why is this so hard to see? to admit?


Last words I’d be saying

It’s a tragedy for it to be reigning

I’m talking about what you’re feeling

Remember, it would shatter after it had fallen

No one can have a heart without getting it broken

Published by Quenee Austria


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