Do you have a beard and work in an environment where the air is littered with hazardous particles? Then you need to wear a safety gear that protects you from the hazardous air particles. Even if you do not have a beard you will need a protective gear, but having a beard has many disadvantages, especially with negative air respirators.

Have you tried the powered air purifying respirator (PAPR)? It has many advantages for people with or without a beard. It can also benefit you in many ways.


Negative air respirators are quite effective, but they are usually a tight fit and dependent on tight sealing. This is what protects the person wearing these kinds of air respirators. For these air respirators you need to go through a face fit test otherwise you might end up wearing something that is either too tight or too loose. Either way, it is not acceptable. In these respirators, something as simple as beard can ruin a perfect fit.

So, do you shave off your beloved beard for your job? Well, no!

The answer is using powered air purifying respirator (PAPR). Along with this, PAPRs also have numerous other benefits. Here are some:

1.      A Loose yet Protective Fit: PAPRs includes a loose fitted head top that is an easy fit for all. The seal is also on the top of the head top and not around the mouth or nose. Thus, this offers better protection for all including men with beard and facial hair. The loose fit makes the equipment easy and comfortable to wear.

2.      Increased Comfort for Convenient Wearer Experience: A tight fitting face piece along with a tight seal and exhaled air, truly make negative air respirators uncomfortable to wear. In a PAPR, on the other hand, cool air is delivered with the help of a fan-assisted inlet. With this, a steady flow of air is maintained which along with the loose fitted head top reduces breathing resistance. As the wearer feels comfortable wearing this kind of respirator, it is gaining popularity quite fast.

3.      Better Productivity with Reduced Need for Breaks:  For your safety, you need to take a break every hour, if you are using a negative air respirator. This is to reduce the probability of fatigue. As you keep on taking break every hour, this can impact the total work output. Over a period of a year, can you imagine how much work hour you lose? With a PAPR, the need to take a break is removed. Its loose fittings and comfortable air circulation, makes it a convenient equipment to wear. Your employees can wear this comfortably without the risk of fatigue or discomfort. As your workers feel comfortable, their work output increases significantly.

4.      Multiple Applications with a Single Respirator: Did you know that PAPRs are in fact quite cost effective? This is because the equipment has numerous interchangeable head tops. Each head top is created to protect you/your employees from different hazardous environment. These can take on a variety of hazardous environment and tasks. Whatever hazardous environment you or your worker faces, all you need to do is switch to the head top that suits your needs and you are set to work with a cool drift of air.


Powered air purifying respirator (PAPR) is the perfect example of equipment that aims to create a perfect balance between wearer comfort and effective protection.

Whether it is a bearded professional or clean shaven one, these respirators have been designed in such a way that it provides protection to all. This is the main reason that people are opting for this respirator and making it popular day by day.

Published by Sarah Williams