If you want to leave a permanent impression by your presence, you need a memorable fragrance. Maybe you are wearing the best suit, a perfect pair of shoes and appearing with the best hairstyle. All these outfits don’t matter unless you put on a great perfume or one of the top men’s cologne. Let’s know here what’s the actual different among EDT, cologne and perfume? Are they same or differ specifically from each other?

The most important factor while choosing the best fragrance:

When you are going to buy a fragrance, there are a lot of important factors – brand, type and price. Also, you will get a few clues about the substance of the bottles. Maybe you can classify the fragrances but it is quite difficult to know the exact meanings of these terms.

Finding out the correct concentration is equally essential as the scent is. If the concentration is too strong, it may choke you or the people around you out. So, your scent is going to ruin away immediately. On the other hand, maybe the concentration is too light; the scent will fade away quickly.  So, the most popular men's fragrance is the perfect combination of amazing fragrance and the right concentration that keep the scent stay for longer.

To choose the right fragrance, men should understand how they are made. Perfume companies normally blend synthetic and natural oils together and fragrances get their scent. A carrier is always present there like alcohol. Carrier stabilizes the scent and also dilutes oils, thus creates the actual smell on our skin. Alcohol is the main parameter that controls the concentration and the longevity of these fragrances.

Let’s check on the common categories of fragrances here according to the concentration level.

Perfume or pure perfume:

Pure perfume, perfume or Extrait De Perfume – whatever you call it, pure perfume is made of the highest concentration level of the available fragrances – generally 15-30 percent perfume oil. This percentage is sufficient to make the scent last for all day long, noticeable and make the perfume potent. But the names are a little bit of illusory because they are not referring to the actual pure perfume oil. Absolute pure oil creates irritation to our skin and they are also unpleasant in the smell.

Eau De Parfume (EDP):

These categories of perfumes contain the next-highest level of perfume oil concentration – in between 15-20 percent. They last on our skin for all day long. These are the most common class of fragrances and most of the new fragrances are released under this category. You will get a prominent scent till the evening. They are detectable during the night too.

Eau De Toilette (EDT):

This is made of the lower concentration of the perfume oils – generally 5-15 percent. They are usually made for the lighter wear on our skin. They don’t necessarily last until the end of the evening. Some experts say these eau de toilettes are usually made for the daytime and eau de perfumes are made for the nights simultaneously. Above all, individual preference is the most important factor while choosing the best signature fragrance for men.

Eau De Cologne:

This is known as the oldest category of perfumes. They were used in North America to create masculine scents. They can be manufactured from the scent categories – fruity, fresh or light. Colognes are usually composed of 2-4 percent of perfume oils. Alcohol and water are used as the carrier here. In general, cologne lasts for maximum 2 hours.

So, if you prefer lighter scents to smell and 2-3 hours longevity of the scent is sufficient, you can buy the best smelling cologne for men according to your personal preference of smell.

Now, you have got the basic idea about fragrances. This knowledge is definitely going to help you to take a better decision while shopping the signature fragrance.

Published by Linda Lee