Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Episode 4 Review: Hit and Run, Run, Run

Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Episode 4 Review: Hit and Run, Run, Run

Pretty Little Liars came back with arguably one of the series' best episodes. I mean there is so much to talk about, along with several revelations.

Let's start with the murder. The girls clearly haven't learned anything, as they sloppily covered up Eliot's death. If it wasn't for Mona's return, the girls would be in jail. She always manages to be ten steps ahead, and she helps the girls replace the windows, retrieves Hanna's bracelet, and give them alibis. This is why I'm always Team Mona. 

Meanwhile, let's talk about Spaleb and Hanna. The writers have been dragging us down this path where Caleb and Hanna will eventually find each other again, but this episode proved this wasn't just a fling between Spencer and Caleb. The door scene was really shot well with all three characters separated from each other. Hanna's reaction was really heartbreaking. This scene was one of the most emotional scenes we've seen with the couples, and I'm surprised it was with Spaleb. 

Spencer hooking up with Marco was so steamy, and it looks like he's not going anywhere as we see a random scene with him and Alison talking. Spencer getting super drunk was extremely sad especially when Emily had to save the day.

Speaking of Emily, who would have thought that she'd be the smartest liar out of the four. Aria isn't far behind as the two play more supporting roles with all the Spencer and Hanna drama. Hanna also loses it for a while until Mona calms her down. I was so happy that Hanna finally told someone about Jordan. She finally voiced how she felt, and Mona was honestly just a great friend to Hanna. The two have  definitely come a long way.

With Jenna's return, we learn that Jenna and Eliot have some sort of connection. I'm intrigued to see what happens with that. Additionally, chills actually went down my back when Toby said Eliot has been dead for years. There's something about taking on a whole other identity that makes the story even more interesting and complex. 

Alison seemed a little more stable for the first time, and Mary Drake's return loomed over us as a reminder that she's still there.

Overall, I'd give this episode a solid because I loved the progression following Eliot's murder. This whole episode had a edgier tone overall, and I was really enjoying it. With next week, we're getting a proposal, but is it really a surprise because I'm almost positive it's Aria and Ezra. The other girls' love lives are a hot mess. 

Anyway, stay tuned for next Tuesday for the next episode of Pretty Little Liars! 

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