I cannot remember when it was such a Booming effect,
But I suspect most would remember when it first came onto the Scene––
Mail-Order Brides from Russia…
I cannot even remember if that is where this whole Idea had started from?


Not ONLY this event but then the REACH of the internet was Booming as well and before we knew it,
Anything from Anywhere was readily available Anywhere in the World!


That said,
The idea of getting out of your Horrible situation

For those Unfortunate women,
Having either to support their Family OR a Child as something Horrible might have Happened along the way;
That’s a very Shocking and Horrible situation.


Not to say it’s ONLY women how are in this Struggling Position in taking care of their Families––but then I would suspect it’s easier for women to land a Richer husband across the waters;
Especially when they’d done it over the Internet…?


Then again,
It’s been a few Time so far that I’ve come across the Issue that some kind of Woman had Befriended me;
HOPING beyond Hope that they’d get out of their situation.


I can be Very WRONG,
But as far as I got this one,
On ONE of the Most Popular (Social Media Sites),
I chatted with a woman, Probably a Younger than I––girl;
Having a few Pics of herself, which were of the Very Same Woman…


On a Totally different, not so Popular site I once more started a Conversation with a woman––
She didn’t Recognize me in the Least;
But here was the very SAME profile Picture as I’d seen elsewhere…
I Actually Thought that this new Chat would mention Something about us Chatting on the other Site.
WHY you’d wonder,
WELL, the other woman wanted a Long Distance Relationship!


When the Profile picture was changed by the woman I spoke to on this lesser Site,
It was changed to that of an Animal.
STRANGE to say the least;
But then, if you forget about the first one;
THEN, later on, they can Change it to another which isn’t Them at all…
This did happen and This is what I saw, Realizing myself Immediately!


When I started to mention this Strangeness,
It was almost swept Under the carpet with a Mediocre explanation…
The conversation was Immediately and Constantly pushed into another direction,

Not willing to Honestly Explain the actual reason why there are two Very Different Pictures posted on this Site of the woman I was chatting to.


THIS, coming back to the original idea of the Mail-Order Russian Brides,
Just how many women are out there,
Doing the very same thing.
Especially when I look at my SPAM or JUNK mail-box.
Just how in the World do they get the Address to actually send you something.


BUT it’s gotten to the point,
Where SOME Women are on-line,
Hunting either their next Pray or Victim or Looking for their Mister Right on the various sites.
NOT All of them are the same,
That I 100% know and there are Ladies I chat to which are really Cool;
But I’m not referring to them…


With life as hard as it is,
Just how Desperate would we eventually become to make It better for US or even our Children the day.
What caught my Attention the most,
Was when the “Last Boyfriend” left them,
The idea was to become Friendly to the Point with their On-Line Good Friend…
Chat Sex was the Idea in Possibly Hooking the deal.
That’s was just the last straw for me,
Seriously worrying as to what the REAL idea behind this Chatting was for!?


Be really careful of what you put out there and
WHO you chat to,
They might NOT be who they show you they are.
In person, someone can STILL fool you,
But Harder to spin you a story when you look them in the face…


THERE, in Person when your LITTLE voice SHOUTS out at you, That’s the time you KNOW they’re trying to play you...

Published by Cobus Vermeulen