Rahel Ep 1: (THE BIRTH)

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Rahel is a story and will be published in a series of episodes. It isn’t a story of “Rahel” only; it’s a story about our life, our decisions and how the life could turn its face to us and how we have to deal with that by choosing to stay where you are or to keep fighting for the life won’t wait for us!    

Rahel Ep 1: (THE BIRTH)

There was no time to start preparing to leave due to wars and continues invasion of the king “Moreno” and his army. It was an age of blood and soul’s counting, which no feet of the land except was feed by innocent’s blood & tears. At that time, “Dorc" that poor farmer who worked on the fields which belong to his king “ Aremen,"  was running to his home after hearing from the neighbor’s child that, his wife “Mariana” is going to put his 1st child! He kept running all that distance until he reached his home, but he saw sad faces around his home so, he went scary to the room which “Mariana” has to be in, and he heard the child crying, which draws a satisfied smile filled with love upon his face, but in the same time he heard “Dalida” Mariana’s sister crying! Which made his heart is getting to stop, because he didn’t know exactly what happened. It was a shock for him, this woman whose he loved deeply from his heart & whose was the only thing that made him stay alive to that moment, died! “She died after the birth, just when she saw the child, she kissed her and died, “Dalida said. He holds his daughter to his hand, and the sky starts to rain. It was looking like crying to say good-bye to Mariana.
“Rahel”, it was the name whom “Dorc” called to his daughter whose life will be without a mother, the genuine grief was like black clouds on the heart of “Dorc”. He thought the life started to give her backward to him after the happiness which he lived before, and it will be the end of the meaning of the word “happiness “from his dictionary of life. Hours later, filled with tears Rahel’s eye started to open slowly to shine in
Dorc’s heart. He couldn’t recognize what happened to him with the wave of feelings which he felt when he saw these angel’s eye. It was like a message from the God that he took something in our life to give it back as gifts & in the same time he took one soul; he may give the life back to thousands. With Mariana’s death, “Dalida” was sorry that “Dorc” will not take care of “Rahel”. She was fearful also he may get married another woman as a way to forget his grief. She didn’t know that how “Dorc” was sincere to his wife, and his moments which he lived with, was the best moments throughout his life which no women else could offset that. He just wanted to deliver a message that the true love won’t die, and the soul of “Mariana” will surround him wherever he went,   but also if he could take care of “Rahel”, he still a man who had his job, and he won’t be available, because he used to go through the morning and just come back at sunset, and this will not help the girl especially in the 1st year of the childbirth. So she decided to say that to Dorc whatever happen then! “DORC, I WILL TAKE THE GIRL, “Dalida said. 
Why “Dalida” wanted the girl too much? And what is the secret which she hid from “Dorc”?                                         


To be continued,                                                                              



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