Riding Through The Stars

A short story by Crystal


It was night, and in the small area where I lived the stars were so clearly visible it looked like we were in space. I stood on the top of the hill, my pet Shadow beside me.

Shadow is an actual shadow. He doesn't really have one appearance, it changes, and can go from a dog to a dragon to a snail. He really likes the dragon though. Today, however, it seemed as though he wanted to be a pegasus. "Let's go, Shadow," I whispered. Shadow nodded his smokey black head and knelt down to let me on. Climbing on and making sure I was safely secured, Shadow took off, and we were flying in the air, riding through the stars. The sky was such a deep blue that we might as well be in the middle of the ocean, in a sea of stars. I spread my arms out wide, taking in the freedom of soaring in the sky, a grin plastered on my face.

Then something happened.

Shadow hit something, I couldn't see what it was, and suddenly we were falling... falling... about to crash...


I woke up sweating, still in bed, under the protection of my blankets. Carefully, I looked around. It did not seem as though I had taken a nighttime stroll in the sky. Getting up, I realized I was shaking slightly. The fall in my dream must have gotten to me. I crept towards the window, and I didn't notice it was open when i had clearly left it closed. I looked towards the sky. The stars were not at all visible. Just the blank moon, hanging alone. I thought I saw a shadow floating, but I didn't think much of it and crawled back into bed. Falling asleep, I thought about my dream, wishing I could have seen the stars as clearly as before.

Imagine taking a night stroll with the stars.  


Published by Crystal Lunar


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