Robert Kraft, the New England Patriots’ topman has been in the spotlight of late amid a scandal at a spa in Florida. He's known to be a flamboyant businessman who loves splurging on parties. However, such a scandal brings consequences damaging not only to himself but to his family and business.

Robert Kraft Before The Scandal

Long before the Robert Kraft scandal broke early this 2019, Robert’s wife and partner of 50 years Myra passed away back in 2011. Despite being in his late 70’s and a widower, Kraft has never shown signs of slowing down. He has been known to date women half his age as well as his eccentric fashion sense of wearing sneakers with his business suits.

Kraft was also seen dancing with the famed rap artist Cardi B on stage during this year’s Super Bowl party and wearing flashing pieces of jewelry during an All-Star game.

Facts of The Kraft Spa Scandal

The Robert Kraft scandal first came to light late February 2019 when the Patriots owner was caught on camera soliciting for sex at a spa in Florida. Since then 12 more men have been charged with soliciting prostitutes. Kraft himself has pleaded not guilty to the charges while his lawyers are fighting the release of the said video to the public.

The Palm Beach State Attorney's office announced that Kraft along with other men involved in the scandal has been offered a plea deal. Robert Kraft has since apologized and has maintained that he has extraordinary respect for women and has never meant to hurt family and friends.

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Published by Mohsin Ahsan