Saangchai..My Life with Humans

Woof......Saangchai mistress has gone to stir her soup so I thought I would pop on and have a chat with you ...woof

Yesterday I was taken to the new vets where we live..woof injection time...they were ok though and I got a new and pink....woof don't they know I am a boy?

I quite like my new house...woof but I can't escape..the other house had such a big garden that there was always somewhere I could get out and us Soi Dogs
 are used the streets...

But here..woof..I have to wait until I am taken out....I did hear mistress say she might get a companion for me..mmmmmm woof....does that me I won't be top dog?????

Woof she is coming back...laters woof,  if you like me and want to read more I can be found on  Woof!

Published by Carol Taylor


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