Safe dosages of dianabol for women

Safe dosages of dianabol for women

Dec 14, 2017, 6:14:46 PM News

Dianabol is an anabolic steroid used for performance enhancement by increasing the muscle tissues. It is used widely to improve the musclemasses. This is used extensively by many body builders and the persons who want to show the best performance during a game or sport. Butdianabol is not preferred for women due to the biological differences that they have when compared to their male counterparts and due to the lack of testosterone hormone in their body. But if women want to opt for itsusage, safe dosages of the drug must be taken.

Dianabol is also called as Methandienone or Dbol. This is the steroid which is highly popular among bodybuilders today especially for their bulking cycles. They choose this steroid since it helps in gaining huge muscle mass. It is possible to gain 20lbs just in few weeks using Dianabol. That is the reason bodybuilders who are looking for dramatic results at gym choose Dianabol. But most important thing to remember is Dianabol comes with serious negative effects.

Dianabol can result in very impressive gains but one must also think that are they sustainable?. This is the main backlog when it comes to anabolic androgenic steroid like Dianabol. That is why it is said that they are too fast and too much. This is the main reason behind their side effects.

Dianabol may cause liver damage and emotional imbalances if taken exceeding the limits. It may also result in loss of hair and certain skin problems like excess oil. Persons with high blood pressure are not advised to take the drug.

Effects of Dianabol on women

  • Causes Virilization which means a woman starts developing the masculine features physically like bulk muscles, body hair and vocal changes.
  • Results in menstrual cycle changes and reduction of breasts.
  • May also result in hair loss and skin problems in the women too.
  • Causes high blood pressure and emotional imbalances.
  • Results in gynecomastia and imbalances in cholesterol levels.

A woman must verify properly which steroid suits her best if she is trying to build body and increase her muscle strength. Or else it may result in many serious changes which may or may not be reversed. Grab more knowhow about safe dosages of Dianabol for women here.

Safe dosages

A woman must consult a doctor and check the suitability of taking the drug into her body before she opts it. She should take smaller doses than the mentake. Generally, women are advised to take 5mg of dianabol per day.

Recommended dianabol cycle for women

 A woman should take dianabol for four to six weeks and this cycle would be enough to see the results in her.

Recommended products for muscle enhancement for women

If a woman wants to gain weight or lose fat, the best recommended steroids are anavar, clenbuterol and winstrol.Clenbuterol is known to show much best results much sooner than the remaining steroids. Anavar not only increases muscle strength but also reduces the fat at the same time and is easy to use for women.

Dianabol alternatives

 The alternative steroids that can be taken by women which are safe and legal are D-bal, Decaduro and anadrole.

The dianabol usage if opted by women must be taken with utmost caution and in very low dosages to prevent any damage to their system.

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