Beauty is a social construct. Everyone is beautiful. Whatever face type you have, whatever you weigh, whether your skin tone is dark or light, you are beautiful. We often hear these phrases from beauty companies trying to sell us cosmetics that, according to them, are designed specifically for us. But, since we are all beautiful, however, we are, why should we buy beauty products that are supposed to enhance our appearance? Especially if these products are fabricated in a lab with an artificial ingredients. 

The concept of beauty comes from nature. We are biological beings who have evolved through the years in different environments, which makes us an essential part of nature itself. And being a part of nature automatically makes us beautiful without having to subject ourselves to various cosmetics and beauty products. Being a part of nature means that whatever issues we are facing regarding our health and appearance, there is a natural remedy for it. This is the philosophy that Speaking Herbs is based on. 

Founded by Tanaya and Amis during their biotech schooling, Speaking Herbs is a brand that specializes in facilitating natural remedies into convenient containers and delivering them right at your doorsteps. Tanya and Amis’s interest in chemicals brought them to the awful realisation that most of the beauty products these days are filled with toxic elements. We are being duped into buying these products because the companies have us believe that we are not enough in ourselves. They also want to push the concept of #blenditclean #buylessdomore.with natural hacks of living. 

However, things have not always been like this. There was a time when humankind was dependent on daily care remedies that were extracted from naturally harvested and processed natural herbs. The motto of Speaking Herbs is to go back to that time and offer the cleanest, most refined products that are devoid of any harmful chemicals for our daily needs. Speaking Herbs stand on their promise of delivering the freshest, most natural products by decluttering their products from chemical preservatives, fillers, plastic, and human greed. 

From its origins to its delivery, Speaking Herbs makes the promise of providing the 100% pure & natural beauty products that are close to nature without sacrificing the visual appeal. They are some of the few startups that care deeply about the state of the planet and work towards alleviating the situation. That is why the products from Speaking Herbs come in environment-friendly packaging. While doing all this, they also make sure that they are leaving the least amount of carbon footprints during the operational process. 

At its core, Speaking Herbs is a very mature and environment-friendly company. They understand the situation that our planet is in right now, and they are doing their best to make the place safer to live. This ideology can be traced back to their products. They offer a wide variety of products for every need. Whether you are looking for a product for your hair, skin, face, or the whole body, they have a product for you that is 100 per cent authentic and natural.

Published by Zoe Sewell