Special Edition: Hinkle Homes

Special Edition: Hinkle Homes

Sep 29, 2016, 4:19:06 PM Business

$48 per square foot? What? Where’s the catch? If you haven’t heard of Hinkle Homes, they are a company that builds single family solid homes on their lot and move them to your location. This family owned business is run by siblings Randy, Jeremiah, and Tambra. They took over the business when their grandparents decided it was time to retire. Hinkle Homes has proudly served Oklahoma since 1999, and let me tell you, they are very good at what they do!




Hinkle Homes prides itself in high quality homes built to last.  You have an option of 1196 square feet all the way up to 2016 square feet. They come standard with R-19 wall insulation and R-38 blown in the attic. Double pane, tilt-in windows, Therma-tru fiberglass entry doors, Lennox central heat and air system, and much more. Even better, they are done in about 3 months from the day they start building. These are truly wonderful homes at the base price of $48 per square foot on the lot. Here are the standard building specifications:




There are 2 catches that I have discovered in my time investigating:


Catch #1:

$48 is the base price ON THE LOT. You still have several fees to add to this. Moving the house is a hefty fee in itself. It ranges from $15-$18 thousand depending on size of home and distance. These homes are built and moved in one solid piece. Moving them requires a police escort, a slow pace, and drivers with patience and problem solving skills. You will also need to get your foundation set, your well or water lines set, and your septic or sewage set before the home heads your way. Electric is completely done and ready to hook up. The underneath plumbing is another extra. All of these things will need to be done by separate contractors. Hinkle Homes has recommendations for contractors if you don’t have someone in mind already. Even with all of these extras, you’re still only around $60-$65 per square foot at full, top of average range. If you don’t know, most already built homes are selling near $100 per square foot right now so you are still getting a huge deal with these homes.



Catch #2:

Ok, this catch is huge! Hinkle Homes offers a ton of upgrades to fully customize your home and they are irresistible! Everything from siding to types of wood to finish on appliances is absolutely customizable. It is the coolest part about Hinkle Homes. This catch is one that is absolutely not necessary like the first catch, however, once you see the gorgeous pictures of what past clients have chosen to upgrade, I don’t think you will be able to resist at least some of them. They have a list of the upgrade options and prices they offer which is below for you to view but they are open to any ideas you may have that aren’t on this list. You can add every single upgrade and still be in a position to make a profit if you decide to sale. Do you know what this means? It means you can actually have your dream home at an incredibly affordable price! Thanks, Hinkle Homes!




I’m sure you’re wondering how in the world they can do this. I was wondering the same thing. Hinkle Homes is able to buy a ton of lumbar and supplies at a time causing them to get very good prices on high quality materials. Instead of using several different crews, they use the same local contractors who offer the best craftsmanship and know their system like the back of their hand. The contractors are able to charge a lower rate because of the high work load. The convenience of building homes on their lots means they’re not having to pay high travel fees to get contractors and supplies to all different locations. As you can see, the system really works!


Are you all in yet? Let me give you some more great news! Because these homes are built and moved in one solid piece and attached to a permanent foundation, they are considered single family permanent homes. They are NOT modular, manufactured or mobile homes. This means lenders are happy to lend on them because they qualify for the secondary mortgage market. You will start with a construction loan and have the choice to add in all your extra fees like the foundation, well, septic, etc. Once the home is set and final and the bank is happy, you will be moved into a regular loan whether it be conventional, FHA, rural development, or VA. (Yes, Hinkle Homes is VA certified!!) This does seem a little daunting but don’t let it be. Your first step is to go in to your lender. Let them know what your plan is and see if you qualify. If you do, you will need to provide them with estimates of all your extra work as well as the floorplan and price of the home you intend to get.


This is where Tambra comes in. Tambra is the sweet, down to earth face that will walk you through every single step, every single choice. She will point you in the right direction to get contractors and quotes for all your extras, and then she will walk you through all the fun of customizing your home. Once you set up and decide on your floor plan, you will need to start making choices on colors of stain and siding and what upgrades you will want. While I was at Hinkle Homes investigating, a couple was making some final decisions before they start building and decided that based on where their driveway would be, they would be waking the kiddos up in the morning when they started their vehicles. So what did they do? They flipped the floor plan. Boom! Easy as pie! Now the kids’ rooms are farthest from the driveway and the problem is solved. Tambra and her brothers have great experience and have a solution for all the problems you can come up with. You will see how easy they make it to truly build your dream home.


I will let all the pictures and floor plans below do the talking now. For more information and pictures, you can check Hinkle Homes out on their website or Facebook page here:

Tambra can be reached at (580)-759-4100 orgetyourhome@hinklehomesok.com.

Hinkle Homes is open Monday through Friday from 8 AM – 5 PM. They are located just outside Stratford, OK and they would be happy to show you around!

Here are some examples of different sized floor plans. Remember these are fully customizable.






























*Disclaimer: Hinkle Homes did not ask me or pay me to write this article. Never have I or will I ever make a commission off the sale of a Hinkle Home. I chose to write this article out of pure interest and share it with all of you simply because I am a nice person!

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