Sprinkle of Jesus

Sprinkle of Jesus

Oct 24, 2016, 3:37:47 PM Religion

So I know that the Sprinkle of Jesus app has been around for a minute, and to be honest I don't remember who I heard about it from before I decided to download it. But that app is probably the best app you can have on your phone, hands down. Sprinkle of Jesus will send you the right alert at the right time when you least expect it. There have been situations when I'm feeling some type of way or something just happened, and my phone will vibrate and it will be a message from Sprinkle of Jesus. Not all of the alerts are what you need at that moment, but they're uplifting nevertheless. 

The app has notifications aimed at specific audiences. There's alerts for men only, women only, and there's general notifications for everyone. Also the app isn't limited to one alert per day, sometimes I get three alerts in one day. A lot of people that I know have this app and the word about it is spreading like wildfire. I read the alerts to my mom sometimes when it's a really good one or I'll write it on the whiteboard on our kitchen fridge. This app is worth having on your phone because I can guarantee you, from my own personal experience, that it will impact your life in some way. It could take just one alert and your mindset can change, your heart can change, your attitude can change, I highly recommend it. Everyone needs positivity and encouragement in their day-to-day life. Why not have it in the palm of your hand?

Published by Jordyn Stoddart


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