My best friend is someone I admire a lot. I've watched her over the years grow into this thing called motherhood all on her own. From the moment when she found out she was pregnant to watching her face many obstacles left and right and deal with crisis after crisis with little or no help. She's grown to be a strong woman who takes care of her children single-handedly. She didn't set out to be a single mom but regardless, she's a great one.

Raising your family on your own can be heartbreaking, lonely and hard to navigate. Suddenly, you are the one who has to have the answers. Remembering that God is always with you and that His love is faithful can give you the confidence to face whatever this new life brings. With a foundation of helpful Scripture verses, each message shares a story, a survival tip and a prayer. Readers will find a faithful companion in this book as they encounter each new experience and learn to embrace their new role. Jeanette Hanscome shares 52 encouraging insights gleaned from her first year as a single mom to two boys. She shares very real struggles and triumphs, from learning to stand on her own to knowing when to ask for or accept help, and deals with both the emotional and the practical challenges of raising her children on her own.

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