KLANG-4th OCTOBER 2015, A man committed suicide in a local mall. From the witness who saw the incident happened, the man jumped from the 3rd floor without hesitation.

“Another suicide?! That mall is going to be haunted la!”

“He crazy or what?! Must got mental problem. So scared.”

“So stupid! Why go kill yourself? Problems can be settled.”

Nobody asked why the guy commited suicide. Or what he was thinking at that time, what made him do it, and whether he has a mental problem or not. See, this is what we overlooked. We are so used to thinking that everything is okay, until we never want to admit or accept when something is wrong. Malaysians have a hard time accepting the fact that people can have mental problems. I spoke to lots of parents admitting that they would be ashamed if their child had a mental problem. My teacher shared with me about some of her students, and a nephew had the signs of having a mental problem. We talked about getting their parents to bring their child to the psychiatrist. My teacher said that their parents would never accept the fact that their child might be having a mental problem. Most parents are still in doubt of bringing their child to the psychiatrist for an evaluation.

To Malaysians,

mental problem = gila/crazy

Having mental problems is equal to being in Hospital Bahagia, being abandoned by family members, and not being able to take care of themselves.

What a shame. I pity those who never got the chance to at least recover and learn how to handle their mental health. Especially children, because they are still very young and they have much bigger chance of coping and recovering with whatever mental problems they might have. Why don't we treat mental problem the same as other diseases? It also links to other health problems too!

Let's say if Patient E had a breast cancer. The patient would be advised that there is still hope, and not to be sad, and all the encouragements. Why? Because the doctor wouldn't want the patient to start getting depressed of her health, because that will only worsen her health. Vice versa, mental health could also link you to other health problems. We need to realise this is real, it is happening, it is spreading even worse, in this world. We cannot leave these people behind. We must stand by their side, supporting every ups and downs. We can't compare other people's life with ours and the way we handle it. That is unfair. We all live a different life, a different struggle. What's even worse is getting pushed out and not accepted by our closest ones when we have a mental problem.



Published by Julianna Ong