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Vancouver is a happy, vibrant, upbeat community that is pretty easy to get along with. However, we all have those days when we’re just not having it. If you were a kid, you would let it be known how you’re feeling, by laying face up, snow-angel position, sprawled out on the floor. That’s inappropriate. Instead, you are probably sitting at your desk, doing the heavy-head jerk, trying to stay awake, thinking your entire life has been a mistake. On days when you’ve had enough faking nice, whilst sitting there secretly wishing your colleagues would push you down the hallway in your roll-y chair, swiftly out the front doors, so you can make a quick escape from the office, don’t stress, snappy turtle, take it with a Grain of Salt.

Just as kids need gym classes to let loose and run around in circles while simultaneously spinning hula hoops and jump ropes, adults need breaks. When it’s time to take a break from your day, Grain Tasting Bar will cut you some slack. Every time I walk by this place, the vibrant colors, lining the perimeter of the lounge, catch my eye. Inside, you will find a nice surprise; the atmosphere is extremely calm, even if you’re feeling stressed. And don’t think you’re hiding it when you’re stressed; your colleagues can tell. Don’t contribute to the passive aggressive environment that emerges from tired and boring; Don’t be one of those. It is shown that breaks increase productivity and office morale, which is why they are so important. Grain is your place to go chill out, dinner or lunch, it doesn’t matter, but leave your introvert at the office, and let your extrovert out!


Step 1: Cocktail Time

Grain has tons of great, little tastes, like cocktails. We all know that alcohol promotes relaxation and helps to enhance your mood, so alleviate the stress of your day by savouring a few sips. Beer is $6-$7, and Grain does candlelit cocktails, including the non-intoxicating, Virgo type, in case you are being innocent or you are still on the clock (i.e. saving yourself for the end of the work day). Your server can get really creative with suggestions, so you don’t have to worry about making the decisions.


Step 2: Mangia!

Recharge your body and mind by devouring some snacks. Food has a positive impact on emotions and brain function, so how about some wine and cheese or hors d’ouvres with virgin cocktails, for good balance?  Everything comes served on a wooden platter, not a silver one; they’re fancy, not pretentious, like your boss (What? I didn’t say anything). They do really good pizza and charcuterie/cheese, with Italian, cured meats – when in Rome…

Plan for fun! Grain is like a boutique store for restaurants. Take a break from your day with good food, mood lighting, and windows that open up, fully, into the, fresh, Vancouver air! Nature is a natural stress reliever; Oh look, another reason why you should go. Grain Tasting Bar is located at 655 Burrard Street, inside the Hyatt Regency Hotel. They have daily specials, so you can get your drinks and food for a grand total of $11.

You’ve earend it!

A Taste of Luxury for Less

Published by Jennica B.


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