The 3 Best Things About Christmas


Christmas is right around the corner!  You might not have all your presents under the tree, but you can feel the Christmas spirit making its way to warm your heart that has been made cold by the wintery weather. The excitement is building, not only in the children but with people of all ages. But what are the greatest things about Christmas? Well here are a few reasons Christmas is the best time of the year.


1.  Visiting with Friends and Family


All year long we live pretty much engrossed with our own lives. There is little that influences us to invest in friendships or visit with family. But one of the best things about Christmas is that there are so many opportunities to remedy and strengthen our relationships.

Christmas parties abound during the holiday season. They bring not only great foods but also a chance to catch up with all your friends and family. College kids are home for the holidays, young families make time to be around other people, and older people are welcomed. The best of memories are formed around the holidays.


2. The Weather and What it Brings


Gloomy weather doesn’t have to bring a gloomy mood. When the cold of winter comes it is really an opportunity to take advantage of! Chilly weather means hot cocoa, snuggling under blankets, and cozy fires. What is depressive about that? Make it a chance to come together around baked goods and warm traditions.


3.  Good Cheer


I would like to say everyone stays in good cheer throughout the holidays. But that is unfortunately not true. However, most people are pretty happy about the Christmas season! We get to do things we don’t normally do, and take a little break from the normal aspects of life. This is a giving season as well. And when people give, they are more likely to be in a state of happiness. The best things about Christmas is happy people.


So wherever you end up this holiday season, don't forget to enjoy it! After all, it only happens once a year. And it is filled so many wonderful things! Hope you are blessed with a truly joyful Christmas.

Published by Benjamin Bellah


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