The Drama that is my Life

I have a major predicament. In all honesty I think I might have to cancel my trip over this. So it's Easter Sunday right and I fly away tomorrow evening, how the hell am I supposed to eat all my Easter chocolate before I leave? This is a serious issue. I can't leave uneaten Easter chocolate at home until September there is no way it would still be there by the time I got back.  I can take some on the plane I guess for when I get hungry, but that still leaves a lot of chocolate for me to eat in about 24 hours. There's only one thing for it, bring on the stretchy trackies I got me some serious eating to do.

You know, in my previous post I think I lied to you. You see the thing is, there are some things that saying goodbye to is really hard for me. I just got so emotional when I start thinking about how long it's going to be before I see them again and my emotions just take over and I get sad and mushy. You see, I have no idea how I am going to live without chocolate or cheese, God think of all the cheese I won't be eating. South East Asia is hardly a place known for cheese ya know with the sweltering heat and humidity. How will I cope? Seriously, it's a big concern. Maybe though I can see a silver lining. Cheese and chocolate, two of my big vices (don't even start me on a chocolate cheesecake), are hardly healthy, so maybe the lack of them will help me get a bod like Gigi Hadid. I could live with having her abs. Who am I kidding I would way prefer to eat cheese.

You'll have to excuse me now I have to go and eat as much as I can. Laters

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